Quick Move Now selected to assist Bank of England research

Quick Move Now has once again been selected by the Bank of England to assist with research into the UK economy.

Offering insight into the UK residential property market and wider economic conditions, Quick Move Now is one of just 1,000 UK businesses selected to work with the Bank of England.

Danny Luke, Quick Move Now’s managing director, has been assisting the Bank of England with economic research

Danny Luke, Quick Move Now’s managing director, said:

“It’s a real honour to have been selected, once again, to assist the Bank of England with their economic research.

“We’ve been assisting the Bank of England with their business and community research for more than a decade, and are pleased to be able to continue to use our extensive knowledge of the UK property market to inform the bank’s response to current economic conditions.

“After our discussions with the bank, it will be interesting to see their next steps in response to the ongoing economic challenges. Most commentators seem to suggest that we will see one or two further interest rate increases before they reach their peak.

“As most longer-term mortgage deals seem to have already take further rises into account, impact on house buyers should be fairly limited. Our main concern is for the millions of existing of existing mortgage holders whose current fixed rate deals will come to an end of the next two years. They will, undoubtedly, be facing significantly higher repayments when they come to secure a new deal, and that will have a big impact on their financial security.”

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