Quick Move Now is the leading home buying company in the UK and we have the credentials to prove it.

At the heart of the UK’s largest and original cash home buying company is a family-run business that prides itself on offering its customers a quick and guaranteed house sale, with customer service that is second to none.

Quick Move Now has a long and rich history of property buying

Property buying company Quick Move Now was established by its Chairman, Hywel Luke, in 1998, and was the first business of its kind in the UK.

Several decades of experience in the property sector had highlighted to Hywel the need for an alternative to the slow and unpredictable process of selling a property via an estate agent.

With a focus on reducing the delays, uncertainty and stress associated with selling a property, Quick Move Now’s cash home buying company was born.

Under Hywel’s leadership, the company flourished. Hywel’s three sons went on to join the company, where they each have taken a leading role in growing and developing the cash house buying business.

Quick Move Now is now the UK’s largest cash house buying company, with an annual turnover of over £20.3 million. Every property we purchase is paid for with our own cash funds and we are the only company that is able to provide a 24-hour cash guarantee.


Operating since 1998


We have bought more than 6,000 properties


You are in complete control

Quick Move Now - about us£1 billion

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Our History

Established in 1998, Quick Move Now is the UK’s original and largest quick house sale company.
We have purchased over 6,000 properties and have an annual turnover of £20.3 million!

  • 1998


    Employees 4
    Houses Bought 15
    Value Bought £1,395,500
  • 2002


    Employees 8
    Houses Bought 783
    Value Bought £95,217,750
  • 2006


    Employees 12
    Houses Bought 2,232
    Value Bought £341,949,599
  • 2010


    Employees 16
    Houses Bought 3,725
    Value Bought £590,098,221
  • 2014


    Employees 18
    Houses Bought 4,969
    Value Bought £756,411,733
  • 2018


    Employees 20
    Houses Bought 5,739
    Value Bought £880,475,232
  • 2020


    Employees 22
    Houses Bought 6,009
    Value Bought £920,968,347

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