The UK’s Leading National Home Buyer

Quick Move Now are the UK’s leading national home buyers

Want to sell your home quickly, without the hassle of listing it on the open market?

Selling your house directly to trusted national home buyers like Quick Move Now will eradicate the normal stress and hassle associated with a traditional house sale.

In essence, what we do is simple:
We buy any residential house, for cash, in a time scale controlled by you, the seller!

There are no fees to pay. No estate agents. And, most importantly, no hassles or stresses for you at any point in the process!


Who are we?

Quick Move Now is the UK’s leading national home buyer

Quick Move Now has a long and established history of directly buying property. As one of the longest-standing and most reputable national home buyers in the UK, Quick Move Now has bought over 5,500 houses across England and Wales since 1998.

Plus, we have over £6 million in our bank! This allows us to directly and quickly buy houses, making us the only cash home buyer in the industry able to provide a 24-hour cash guarantee.

We never rely on investors or mortgages. This means we’re able to provide you with a cash offer quicker than any other home buying company in the country.

This efficiency is just one of the many reasons people choose our national home buying service rather than selling through the traditional open market.

Quick Move Now will consider buying all types of mortgageable property, in any location across England and Wales. No matter what the condition, size or value of your property, Quick Move Now will make a free, no obligation cash offer for your home.

It’s simple, all you have to do is complete our online form and we’ll do the rest!


Why Quick Move Now are National Home Buyers with a difference…

We have over £6 million available to directly buy houses!

The biggest thing that sets Quick Move Now apart from other home buyers is our substantial cash balance. No other national house buyer within the industry can say they have over £6 million ready to buy houses.

What they don’t tell you is most act merely as middle-men
and rely on investors or mortgages to buy houses.

If you are considering selling your house to a national home buyer, it’s important to check out their credentials on Companies House to make sure you’re dealing with a genuine cash home buyer that can buy your house fast.

Top tip:

To make sure you are dealing with a genuine national home buyer, be aware that any house buying company with an annual turnover of £20 million or less will not be buying houses throughout the year. In fact, an annual turnover of £1 million only equates to buying around 4 houses per year!


5 Star Customer Review Rating

Feefo 35 Reviews Badge


Here at Quick Move Now, we pride ourselves on being the most reputable British homebuyers in the UK. We understand that selling your house is a big deal and not everyone will feel completely comfortable selling their home fast directly to a company.

That’s why we’re proud to share our real national home buyer reviews from real members of the public who have successfully and happily sold their houses to Quick Move Now.

We never ask for fees

As genuine national home buyers, Quick Move Now will never ask you for a fee at any point of the house buying process!

Companies that do ask for a fee upfront are probably scamming you. And they may not be able to buy your property directly at all. Unfortunately, there are a lot of untrustworthy companies out there. They simply act as lead generators and sell your personal details to another company.

That’s why is vital to do your due diligence before deciding which national homebuyer is right for you!

There are many, many reasons (well, at least 6 million reasons!) why homeowners are turning to trusted national home buyers like Quick Move Now to achieve a fast house sale rather than selling via the traditional open market. Discover exactly how much time you could save by selling your house to Quick Move Now rather than through the drawn-out and frustrating traditional method of using an estate agent.


Get a FREE, no obligation cash offer for your home

To get a free, no obligation cash offer for your home, simply complete our online form or call our friendly property purchase team on 0800 068 3366. It doesn’t matter where you are – we buy properties nationwide!

Regardless of your situation, if you need a quick property sale Quick Move Now’s hassle-free home buyer service is on-hand to help.

And if you still want to know more about how selling your house fast works, then give us a call; one of our friendly advisers will be able to give you more information about the process and our 24-hour cash guarantee.

To receive your free, no obligation cash offer, simply complete the form below or call 0800 068 3366 and speak to one of our friendly property experts today!

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 9th August 2017
Last updated on 20th May 2019

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