Online Estate Agents vs. High-street Estate Agents

Online estate agents vs. High-street

Online estate agents vs. high-street estate agents – who is best to use when selling your home?

When you decide to put your property on the market, you’ll notice there are a variety of online estate agents vs. high-street estate agents available for you to choose from, all of which demand a different percentage of your property’s sale price.

Many high-street estate agents will be experts in the local property industry and offer an accurate valuation of your property, taking into account property prices in your local area, and using their sales and interpersonal skills to get property owners on board with their services.

However, in an age where more and more are moving to the virtual world for services including shopping, socialising, dating and selling second-hand items, like pieces of furniture for example, should you consider selling your house with an online estate agents vs. high-street estate agents?

It’s true, online estate agents are transforming the way we sell property, with many people deciding to move to online estate agency services over high-street estate agents.

Online estate agents tend to be cheaper which is essentially their main advantage, however will usually require more time investment from the seller as it tends to be the property owner’s responsibility to organise viewings, market the property and lead in negotiations.

If you have decided to hire an estate agent over other methods of selling your property, but can’t choose between a high-street, online or hybrid estate agent, perhaps the following information may help confirm your decision.

Online vs. High-street Estate Agents – Advantages of high-street estate agents

Local area knowledge

High-street estate agents tend to have expert knowledge of the property market in your local area, since they work in the industry each day of the week, and will probably be marketing a high percentage of the houses currently on the property ladder in your local area. This offers an advantage in that they can provide an accurate valuation of your property and also help you find a new home.

That said, although a high-street estate agent can provide an accurate valuation of your property, it may be helpful to seek a range of valuations, as estate agents can have a vested interest to make the most money possible on your property, or achieve a quick sale.

You may also want to negotiate with your estate agent to try to save money on estate agency fees and increase the overall profit you make from your home.

The shop window

Having your property advertised in an estate agent’s shop window may indeed increase your property’s chances of selling.

Why sell my home online?

Online estate agents are cheaper

Online estate agents usually charge a fixed rate to help you sell your home, and their price usually depends on the package you opt for, and how much work this requires on their part.

After all, if you are simply using the website to advertise your property and do most of the ground work yourself, you’ll be charged a minimal fee. If you prefer to be more hands on and sell your home yourself, read our useful guide on how to make the most of online estate agent platforms.

However, you may opt for the online estate agent to arrange viewings, organise a photographer to take photos, which may in turn increase the fee.

Ultimately, different online estate agents offer different services and you can opt for the service that most suits your personal requirements.

Most property searches begin online

Most serious property hunters will begin their initial search for a property online and will keep an eye on all the major online and high-street estate agents. Therefore, as a general rule, opting for an online estate agent doesn’t mean that you’ll bypass many potential buyers.

In fact, property websites can be a hub for serious property buyers and can also help people keep up to date with what is happening within the property market.

Hybrid estate agents

Hybrid estate agents may offer the perfect balance over high-street and online estate agents, offering fixed rates on your sale but also having knowledge of the local area.

Top 10 property websites

No matter whether you sell with an online, high-street or hybrid estate agent, your estate agent will advertise your property online. The following 10 property websites are worth considering when using an online estate agent:

  1. Rightmove (UK)
  2. Purplebricks
  3. EasyProperty
  4. Property Network
  5. Tepilo
  6. Find a hood
  7. Find properly
  8. Zoopla
  9. OnTheMarket
  10. PrimeLocation

Could a cash home buyer be another alternative to an ONLINE estate agentS VS. HIGH-STREET ESTATE AGENTS?

If you can’t decide on an estate agent, find out if a cash home buyer could offer you further advantages over an estate agent buy selling your house fast.

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 19th May 2017
Last updated on 20th August 2018


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