Becoming a landlord – is it worth it?

Selling a buy-to-let

In the wake of recent legislative changes affecting the UK’s buy-to-let property, many landlords are looking to sell rental properties.

According to the Residential Landlord Association, one in four landlords are either currently selling or have already sold property as a result of recent tax changes, as investors with rental properties have been put under significantly increasing pressure. Increases in regulation, changes to mortgage interest relief, a 3% stamp duty increase, problems with tenants not paying their rent and moves to be taxed on income not just profit are just some of the issues pushing many landlords towards selling a buy-to-let property.

If you want to sell your rental property and don’t want to be beholden to market conditions in order to do so, Quick Move Now can help. We buy any property that is mortgageable, anywhere in England or Wales, with completion possible in as little as seven days.

Sell a rental property to Quick Move Now

Quick Move Now has helped many landlords who have wanted to sell a property quickly for a number of reasons.

With many landlords suggesting that recent and upcoming changes are making buy-to-let property increasingly challenging and in many cases unprofitable, the need to procure a quick house sale is rising. Quick Move Now offers many advantages over selling a buy-to-let property on the open market – for starters, there’s no need to worry about marketing your property, which can save you substantial money and time. If your property is vacant, you could be losing revenue owing to this lack of rental income, so you may really want to sell this property fast. If you can’t find a buyer on the open market, our guaranteed cash buyers can make you an offer and close on the sale within a week.

We also make the process much faster and simpler than traditional methods, as there are no solicitors or estate agent’s fees payables and we guarantee that cash will be available on the day of completion.

We buy any rental property

At Quick Move Now, we can buy any income property irrespective of the location or condition.

We don’t mind what condition the property is in – as long as it’s mortgageable – and we buy rental properties in locations across England and Wales. If the home is currently let out, please note that it will need to be vacant before the completion date in order for the sale to go through.

If you are a landlord considering selling one or more of your rental properties, then pick up the phone and call Quick Move Now on 0800 068 3366 today.

Former rental property owner, David Williams, explains why he used Quick Move Now to sell his property:

I was ready to sell my rental property and was looking for convenience, security and speed above all. Frankly the cost of running a house in Southport was hefty and living so far away made managing the property very complicated. With heating, council tax and maintenance costs, maintaining the empty house was costing me upwards of £1,000 a month. I knew that if I held onto the house to try and achieve a better value on the open market, the travel and repair expenses and unforeseen delays would end up costing me more time, money and stress.