We Buy Any House Reviews 2018 / 2019

We buy any house reviews 2018

Why look at ‘ We buy any house reviews 2018/2019 ’:

As the original and largest direct cash house buyer, we have seen a lot of companies that claim to be able to buy your property for cash come and go.

There are now more than a hundred companies that claim to be able to purchase your property directly, but with only three genuine companies in the UK, how to you sort the honest companies that buy houses from the less reputable ones? Searching for ‘ we buy any house reviews 2018/2019 ’ is a great place to start!

Who are the companies claiming to directly buy houses?

So what are these companies, if they are not genuine house buyers? The truth is that most of them will act as lead generators. They will collect your details and then sell them on to investors or brokers.

This means they are unable to offer you a guaranteed house sale, and have absolutely no way of offering you any certainty on price or timescale. They are, in effect, over-priced estate agents with a limited audience.

Searching for ‘ we buy any house reviews 2018/2019 ’ will enable you to read objectively about recent customer experiences and give you some indication about whether the company you are dealing with can do what they promise.

How will I know that the we buy any house reviews 2018 / 2019 I find are genuine and I’m not being scammed?

Sadly, these rogue traders are not against submitting false reviews. To avoid getting scammed by one of these rogue firms, there are a few clues you can look out for to maximise your chances of finding a genuine property buying company.

How frequently are the reviews published? Are their we buy any house reviews 2018 real or fake?

Realistically, a genuine direct buyer is likely to complete around 20 house purchases a month, so if you find a company that’s posting 10 glowing ‘ we buy any house reviews ‘ a week, you might want to start asking questions. Remember if a genuine property buying company is purchasing 20 houses a month, it would even be a struggle to gain 20 reviews a month, as not everyone will want to leave a comment.

How do their financial records correlate with their reviews?

If the online reviews suggest the company is buying 10-plus properties a month, yet their annual turnover is only £500,000, something is not adding up. You can view a company’s financial information online on websites such as duedil and companies house.

Do a general overview of their financial credentials

Using the information available online, review the company’s current balance and turnover. You would expect a genuine cash home buyer to have an annual turnover in excess of £4 million and a current balance of at least £1 million, if they are claiming to be able to buy your property directly.

Avoid any company that asks you to pay a fee

Any company that asks you to pay them any sort of fee is unlikely to be genuine. A genuine cash home buyer review will reflect that the company purchased the property at a discounted rate, in return for a quick, guaranteed and hassle-free sale. The company should also cover all of the legal fees and any other costs associated with the sale, including survey and energy performance certificate (EPC).

Walk away if any of the cash home buyer reviews mention signing an agreement

Other than the official contracts that would be prepared in any property sale – rogue companies will often get you to sign a contract at the start of the process to tie you in to selling the property to them. Once you have signed the contract they are likely to steeply drop the price they are willing to pay for your property. Because you have signed a contract you will either be required to accept the lower price, or pay a hefty fee to be released from the contract. Either way, it is an incredibly costly mistake.

Since Quick Move Now began buying properties directly from homeowners in 1998, we have been desperate to get the industry regulated so that rogue traders cannot prey on homeowners.

Back in 2013, Quick Move Now’s Managing Director, Danny Luke, worked closely with the Office of Fair Trading in its investigation of the quick sale industry, and in our position as the industry leader we provided many examples of best practice.

Sadly, despite demand from the public, the property industry and from the lobby of genuine cash home buyers likely Quick Move Now, the Office of Fair Trading decided not to go ahead with industry regulation.

As a result, it is the responsibility of homebuyers to remain vigilant and conduct thorough research – including scrupulously assessing cash home buyer reviews – before employing the services of any company claiming to be able to offer you a guaranteed house sale.

Since 1998, Quick Move Now has purchased more than 5,000 property directly. You can read some of our genuine reviews from our real customers here.

We hope you found this we buy any house review for 2018 / 2018 useful? To see how much we could buy your house, call our friendly and professional house purchase team to day on 0800 068 3366 or complete our free, no-obligation estimate form online.

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 24th July 2018
Last updated on 28th August 2018


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