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Who Are Good Move?

Good Move are a Leeds-based home buying company. They claim to be able to buy your property in as little as 7 days.

What services do Good Move provide?

Good Move say they will do their best to buy your property directly, but if they are unable to do so they will try to find someone who can. This suggests that they do buy some properties directly, but also offer a broker or estate agency service.

What is the buying process for Good Move?

Good Move’s buying process is very similar to other property buying companies.

Step 1: After you’ve entered your postcode on their website, you will be contacted to gather more information about your property.

Step 2: Good Move will then do some research before coming back to you with an offer ‘in principle’. They aim to provide this initial offer within 24 hours.

Step 3: If you agree to the ‘in principle’ offer, they will get your property assessed and valued before coming back to you with a formal offer.

Step 4: If you accept the formal offer, the legal process will begin. Good Move do make it clear on their website that if a property survey identifies anything that would impact the property value, they may have to amend their formal offer or withdraw from the sale.

How much below market value do Good Move offer?

Good Move’s website says they will pay up to 85% of market value.

Good Move customer reviews

Good Move Reviews Trustpilot
Good Move Trustpilot review score: Good Move have a Trustpilot score of 4.9/5 but several reviews mention being ‘bribed’ by the company to remove any negative reviews or edit comments. This creates doubt about whether the Good Move’s high score should be trusted.

Reviews also mention Good Move marketing properties to investors. This means that, in at least some cases, Good Move is acting as a broker or estate agent. If Good Move isn’t buying your property with their own cash funds, they’re unable to offer homeowners any guarantees on either price or completion timescales.

The benefits of using a quick house sale company are the speed and certainty they offer. If the company isn’t buying your property directly, they’re unable to offer either of those benefits. A cash investor may be able to buy your house more quickly a mortgaged buyer on the open market, but there are no guarantees.

Good Move Reviews Google
Good Move Google review score: Good Move score 5/5 on Google (based on 82 reviews) but due to reports of reviews being censored, some prospective customers may not trust this score. The comments left on Google are exclusively positive and do not seem to reflect the experiences of customers who left reviews on Trustpilot.

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Pros and Cons of Good Move


  • UK-based company
  • Members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) and National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB)
  • Company accounts suggest that Good Move does buy properties directly


  • Good Move talk about being ‘regulated property buyers’ – this is misleading. Despite Quick Move Now’s best efforts, the quick house sale industry remains unregulated. Good Move may be regulated for other services they offer, but the quick house sale aspect of their business is not covered by any sort of regulation.
  • Some very worrying customer reviews suggest Good Move bribe customers to remove any negative comments. One customer mentioned being offered £350 to remove their negative review from Trustpilot. This is against Trustpilot’s rules and means Good Move’s 4.9/5 score on Trustpilot may not be trustworthy.
  • Customer reviews make it clear that in some circumstances Good Move will offer to act as a broker for your property and market it to investors. You should exercise caution if you consider going down this route. Whilst a cash investor may be able to offer a quicker sale than the open market, there are no guarantees of this. Selling to an investor usually means selling at a discount, regardless of whether the sale is a quick one or not.

Compare Good Move with Quick Move

Quick Move Now Good Move
Established since 1998 2015
Annual turnover £20.3 million Good Move’s parent company – ARN Capital - has an annual turnover of £30 million. It’s unclear how much of this came from Good Move.
Are they a member of any professional associations or redress schemes? Yes, Quick Move Now are members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) and the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) Yes, Good Move are members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) and the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB). They also talk about being monitored by RICS, but this is only relevant to their in-house surveyors. Any reputable company should be using RICS surveyors to assess your property.
Is the company registration number available on the website? Yes Yes

Is Good Move legit? - Our verdict

Good Move are members of the NAPB and TPO, which is a good sign. The financial accounts for their parent company indicate that they buy at least some houses directly, but reviews and their own website suggest they act as a broker or estate agent for other properties. As we’ve already mentioned, your property being sold to a third-party (investor or buyer on the open market) means you will have no certainty around timescales or what price you’ll achieve from the sale. This eliminates any of the benefits of using a quick house sale company.

Another area of concern is the alleged censoring of customer reviews. Good Move obviously care deeply about their reputation, but censoring reviews would mean they are preventing homeowners from getting a realistic idea of previous customers’ experiences.

Caution should also be exercised around Good Move’s claims of being ‘regulated property buyers’. Despite Quick Move Now’s best efforts, the quick house sale industry remains unregulated. Good Move have signed up to some voluntary industry organisations, but that does not make them regulated for that service. Any regulation relates to other services offered by the company eg. estate agency services and property surveying.

Are Good Move any good?

Good Move’s parent company are in a strong financial position and clearly do buy and sell some properties.

The biggest concern with Good Move is around honesty and integrity. If the claims of offering ‘bribes’ for the removal of any negative customer reviews are true, they – along with using misleading language about being a regulated quick house buying company – should raise alarm bells for any homeowners considering using their service.

Getting a cash offer from Quick Move Now is quick and easy

Get a cash offer


  • How quickly can you buy my house?

    Quick Move Now can buy your property in as little as 7 days.

    We buy every property directly with our own cash funds. This means we’re able to provide a speed and certainty that cannot be matched by any other method of sale.

    Find out more about our simple house buying process here

  • How quickly can you make me an offer?

    Quick Move Now will be able to make you an indicative offer within a few hours and aim to get a formal offer out to you within 48 hours of property appraisal.

    Read more on how much we pay and why

  • How will you value my property?

    Quick Move Now carry out a full in-depth market appraisal. This will include valuations by independent local estate agents and a thorough assessment of the local property market. We are always honest and transparent about how we reach our figures and the evidence provided during the local estate agent valuation.

  • How much will you pay for my property?

    You can expect any genuine cash buying company to pay 80-85% of market value.

    Quick Move Now do not work to set discounts as we assess each property on it’s individual merit, but we will always make you the best offer we can.

  • Why do you buy at a discount?

    As a business, it is impossible for Quick Move Now to pay full market value for your property. This will be the same for any genuine cash home-buying company. Our discount covers several business expenses, including:

    • Higher level stamp duty
    • Legal fees
    • Business overheads
    • Cost of ownership

  • How do I know the offer is fair?

    Our formal offers are based on local independent estate agent valuations.

    As founding members of the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB), honesty and transparency are integral to our business. Quick Move Now are also monitored by The Property Ombudsman and always follow their Code of Practice for Residential Property Buying Companies.

  • Will you carry out a survey before making me a cash offer?

    Quick Move Now do not carry out a property survey until our offer has been accepted (as with any open market sale).

  • How do I know you won’t change your offer at the last minute?

    All our formal offers are subject to survey. A serious structural issue found at the point of survey would be the only circumstance in which we would ever reduce our formal offer, but this is very unlikely and happens very rarely.

    Because Quick Move Now never ties you into using our services, if we are forced to reduce our offer you will be free to walk away without any cost or obligation.

  • Another company has made me a better offer. Will you match it?

    There are many companies claiming to be genuine companies who do not have the funds to buy your property directly. These companies will make you an attractive offer to tie you in, ask you to sign a contract, and then reduce their offer. It’s not usual for these companies to end up paying around 50-60% of market value.

    Quick Move Now put a lot of time and effort into assessing properties to ensure the offer we make you is fair, but we are always happy to speak to you if you have received a higher offer from another company.

    We’ve also gathered information on some of the most recognised names in the quick house sale industry which you may find helpful.

  • Do you charge any fees for your property buying service?

    No. Quick Move Now never charge any fees for our property buying service.

  • What’s the process for selling a property to Quick Move Now?

    Quick Move Now's property buying service includes 4 simple steps:

    1. Contact our team and provide some basic property information to receive an initial indicative offer.
    2. After an independent valuation, we’ll make you a free, no-obligation formal cash offer.
    3. If you choose to accept our formal cash offer, you will decide on your sale completion date.
    4. On your chosen completion date, the sale will complete and the money will be transferred to you.

  • Do you buy directly or will you connect me with investors?

    Quick Move Now only buy directly with our own cash funds. Any company that connects you with investors will be unable to offer any guarantees around price or timescale.

  • Will you need to visit my property in order to make me a cash offer?

    To make the best offer possible, we usually require a local estate agent to visit and complete an appraisal of your property.

    This is a short visit and will be arranged at a time to suit you.

    The only other property visits required would be the usual property survey and EPC assessment (if you don’t have a valid EPC).

  • Will there be lots of paperwork to sign?

    No, the paperwork you will be required to sign is the same to what you'd encounter in a traditional open market sale

  • Will I be tied in with a contract?

    Absolutely not! Quick Move Now NEVER ask our customers to sign anything that ties them into using us.

    We strongly advise customers to avoid any tie-in contracts or agreements. Companies that use these types of contracts are usually brokers rather than genuine cash buyers. This means they will try to connect you with investors or open market buyers, but will be unable to offer you any certainty around price or timescale. This removes all benefits associated with selling to a genuine cash home buyer, which are the speed and certainty they can offer.

    As with any property sale, there will be the usual legal property transfer documents for you to sign, but these will be drawn up by your solicitor, not the company.

  • How do I know Quick Move Now are genuine cash homebuyers?

    The easiest way to assess whether a company is buying properties directly is to check their company accounts on Companies House – the government register of companies.

    Lots of companies claim to be able to buy your property directly, but they should have accounts to back this up. If you need help with this, you can check out our ‘quick sale’ company review pages.

    Quick Move Now are transparent all the way through the process. Every property we buy is bought directly with our own cash funds and we are always happy to provide proof of funds so you know we have the money available to make good on our promises. We are a founding member of the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) and are monitored by The Property Ombudsman.

  • Are Quick Move Now regulated?

    No, despite Quick Move Now's best efforts the entire property-buying industry remains unregulated. Any company that suggests otherwise should be avoided. We are founding members of the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) and are monitored by The Property Ombudsman.

  • How long do I have to consider the cash offer?

    Quick Move Now's formal cash offers are valid for 7 days. If you need longer to think about it, that’s not a problem. We will simply need to do a quick reassessment of the local property market to ensure nothing has changed before we reconfirm the offer to you.

  • If I accept your offer, how long will it take to complete?

    If you accept our formal offer, you will be in complete control of the timescales. You simply tell us which date you’d like the sale to complete, and we’ll do the rest! Quick Move Now can buy in as little as 7 days if required.

  • Will I have one point of contact at Quick Move Now or have to speak to lots of different people?

    When you first contact Quick Move Now, you will speak to one of our friendly, helpful Client Account Managers. They will help to assess whether our service is the right fit for your circumstances.

    Once you reach the point of receiving a formal offer from us, you will be passed on to our Purchasing Director, who will then support you all the way through to sale completion.

    Read more about our friendly and dedicated purchasing team here

  • How quickly will I receive my payment?

    The money will be transferred on the day your sale completes, which can be as quickly as 7 days after offer acceptance if required.

    Quick Move Now can pay a deposit on exchange of contracts to assist with your moving costs, if that’s something you would find helpful.

  • Will I need a solicitor?

    Yes, you will need to instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf. Quick Move Now can either recommend a reputable solicitor or you may choose your own.

  • What happens if I have a mortgage or other loan on my property?

    As long as the sale price covers your outstanding mortgage and any loans on the property, this won’t be a problem.

    All money is handled through your solicitor, who will ensure the outstanding mortgage and any other secured debts are repaid from the proceeds of the sale. Your solicitor will then transfer the remaining balance to your account.

  • What type of property can you buy?

    Quick Move Now can buy all different types of residential properties. From 1-bedroom flats to large detached family homes.

    Find out more about what we buy here

    Unfortunately, we do not currently buy age-restricted properties.

  • My property is in poor condition. Will you still buy it?

    As long as your property is structurally sound and mortgageable, Quick Move Now can still make you an offer. This means you don’t have to worry about decorating or DIY before you sell.

  • Can you buy anywhere in the UK?

    We currently buy properties in any area of England or Wales. Unfortunately, Quick Move Now do not buy properties in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

  • Will the sale be discreet?

    Yes, it will. There will be no ‘for sale’ signs or online property listings. The only people who will know about the sale will be those directly involved with it.

  • Can I sell to Quick Move Now if I’m already on the market with an estate agent?

    Yes, you can. You’ll need to check the terms of your contract with the estate agent, but this is something Quick Move Now can help you with.

  • I’m about to be repossessed. Is it too late to sell to Quick Move Now and stop the repossession?

    Quick Move Now buy directly with our own cash funds, meaning we’re able to step in at the last minute to stop repossessions. As long as your lender is satisfied the mortgage arrears and outstanding debt will be cleared by an agreed date, they can stop the repossession order.

    This means you can avoid the usual financial repercussions of having a property repossession on your financial record.

  • Can Quick Move Now buy tenanted properties?

    Quick Move Now require properties to be vacant at the point of sale, but we can make an offer while your property is tenanted.

    If you want to accept our offer, you will need to ensure your tenant moves out before we exchange contracts.

  • Can you buy ex-local authority properties?

    Yes. Quick Move Now are happy to consider ex-local authority properties.

  • Are there any situations in which Quick Move Now can’t make an offer on a property?

    Some circumstances would prevent Quick Move Now from being able to make an offer, including:

    • Unmortgageable properties
    • Properties where we’re unable to accurately ascertain market value
    • Where the property owner is unable to ensure the property will be vacant by exchange of contracts
    • If there are other factors that make a property unreasonably high-risk for us to re-sell
  • I’m not in a rush. Can I still sell my property to Quick Move Now?

    Absolutely. Homeowners use Quick Move Now's home buying service for two distinct benefits: speed and certainty. We can guarantee the sale of your current property, whether you’re looking to move in 2 weeks or 2 months! You choose the date you want the sale to complete and we will work to your timescales.

  • What will happen to my property after I sell it to Quick Move Now?

    Once Quick Move Now has bought your property, we will look to re-sell it on the open market. This means we will take on all of the uncertainty around price and timescale that our service enables you to avoid.

  • Is my personal data safe with Quick Move Now?

    Absolutely. Quick Move Now take data protection very seriously. We will only pass your personal details on to parties relevant to your property sale, eg. surveyors and solicitors. You will be kept informed at each step of the process.

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