Benefits of a cash house sale using a genuine cash home buyer

There are many benefits of a cash house sale when you use a genuine cash home buyer! You wont receive full market value, but in return, you will receive a guaranteed, hassle-free, quick cash house sale that could never be replicated using traditional house sale methods!

Quick Move Now knows that selling your house is a big deal! Most people will choose to sell their property on the open market either via an online estate agent or traditional high street agent or manage the process themselves using online estate agents. However, these routes are full of uncertainties and you will be left wondering…..

By selling your house to a genuine cash home buyer like Quick Move Now, all of the above uncertainties will be eradicated. If you choose to except our formal cash offer, you will have full control of the sale of your property right down to the date you complete. This freedom allows you the time to start planning your new life!

There are clear benefits to selling your home to a cash buyer:

  • Fast house sale! From making the initial enquiry through to the money being transfer into your bank from the sale of your property – The whole process can be as quick as 7 days.
  • No hidden costs! All fees associated with a ‘traditional house sale’ are eradicated, so you don’t have to pay estate agents, EPC’s or surveys. Quick Move Now even covers the costs of your solicitors. This is an average saving of £4000.00, which is absorbed in the discount we apply.
  • Take away the normal anxieties, delays and hassles associated with a traditional house sale.
  • Guaranteed sale! Once you’ve accepted Quick Move Now’s formal cash offer, the sale is guaranteed (subject to an independent RICS survey), meaning you don’t have to worry about property chain collapses or the house sale falling through.
  • Puts you in a strong position to negotiate on your onward purchase.
  • Don’t need to pay for expensive repairs in order to sell your home. Quick Move Now will buy any house in any condition.
  • You are in full control of the timescale of your house sale! Quick Move Now can offer you a guaranteed sale that we can tie-in with your onward purchase, resulting in a smooth, hassle-free move!

There are many reasons you may need to sell your house to Quick Move Now. Whether you’ve found your dream property and want to move quickly to avoid losing out or you’re looking to sell an inherited property; there’s no quicker, more certain way to sell a house!

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 25th July 2016
Last updated on 26th October 2018