Selling a house to relocate?



Relocation can be an exciting opportunity, but it can also be one that fails to come to fruition if your current home won’t sell.

If you need to sell property to relocate, finding the resources and time to market your property, find a buyer, and complete the transaction all while planning the logistics of your move can prove impossible. Not to mention if you aren’t successful in finding a buyer, your opportunity to move could be put in jeopardy altogether. To save delaying or breaking your plans to relocate, sell your home to  a cash buyer like Quick Move Now.

Quick Move Now buy properties throughout England and Wales so, if you need to relocate quickly, you can do so with less stress and hassle.

3/4 of all moves were within the UK, every fourth move was an international one.

Quick Move Now can help by buying your home quickly for cash. We can buy homes in as little as seven days, allowing you to move at the last minute, or can set a completion date to suit your needs. Rather than dealing with estate agents and viewings, negotiating with buyers, and having the threat of them pulling out, why not simply sell your home to us?

We Buy Any House Fast For Cash

A new job, a new baby, retirement or a simple change of pace – there are many reasons why we choose to relocate.

With one in four UK moves now entailing someone moving internationally, many people are often faced with the need to sell property to relocate quickly. Whether moving abroad or within the UK, letting out your property may not be in your plans, and it could be that you want to sell quickly to free up some equity and use this money towards the purchase of a new property somewhere else. While you are making plans for the next step, it makes sense to make tying up loose ends as easy as possible, and one easy way to do this is by simplifying the sale of your home. Working with an estate agent can often delay this process, especially in busy markets in which they are in high demand. When it comes to selling a house to relocate, attracting serious offers and genuine buyers is especially important; if you have plans in place for another property in your new location, you cannot risk having a buyer pull out on your current sale, as this could place your new plans in peril.

It might be that the opportunity to relocate has occurred at short notice, or that you have had little success trying to sell your property on the open market via traditional routes such as with an estate agent. Whatever the reason, if you have been unable to sell your house quickly, this cannot only leave you frustrated – it can potentially also throw your plans to move into disarray. At Quick Move Now, we can buy your home in as little as seven days, and with cash funds deposited direct into your bank account, you don’t have to worry about any last-minute surprises.

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At Quick Move Now, we know that life can change quickly, and that when it does you often need to sell your property quickly too. With over £6 million available, Quick Move Now are able make you an indicative cash offer within 24 hours, so you can worry less about marketing your home and finding a buyer, and spend more time focusing on your new exciting chapter.

To find out more about how we can help with your relocation, call us on 0800 068 3366, or get an instant estimate online with no obligation.

Established company

There are many companies out there who claim to buy your house fast, but Quick Move Now are one of the few who are genuine house buyers. We have millions in the bank ready to buy properties, so you can be sure the sale will go through without hold-ups. Since 1998, we’ve brought thousands of properties, and we buy any house that’s mortgageable, as long as it’s within England and Wales. We also buy flats, bungalows, maisonettes, and much more.

If we hadn’t used the Quick Move Now service I am sure we would still be living in the same house, and my job would have fallen through

If you’re planning to relocate and want a quick house sale, give our friendly team a call on 0800 068 3366, or get an instant estimate online with no obligation.