Selling a House After Divorce

Selling your home after a divorce

Separation and divorce can be an upsetting time for everyone, the stress of which can be compounded further by the sale of a house. From separation agreement to divorce settlement, it’s never an easy process. Divorce costs can mount up making bad situations even worse.

If your relationship breakdown has resulted in the need for a fast home sale, contact the experts at Quick Move Now. There are lots of people out there who want a divorce but can’t sell their house on the open market in a reasonable timescale. We understand that in painful situations such as these, making the process as swift and hassle-free as possible is of the utmost importance. We promise to handle every transaction with compassion and discretion, saving you the trouble of having to publicly put your home on the open market.

Our cash home buyers can help

In about a third of divorce cases, the family home is sold with the profits being divided.

It is natural to want to divide assets and move on quickly, but the traditional home selling process can hamper this completely. Selling on the open market can delay your ability to find new accommodation and achieve closure, as you will often need to do things to the house to get it into saleable condition.

Having a no-obligation cash offer on the table can make this entire process that much easier;not only does it enable you to receive the funds much sooner than you would by selling on the open market, but it also allows you to move on with your life quicker, something that can also be important during this difficult time.

Divorce and separation is not only a turbulent time emotionally, but it is also often the case that it takes it’s toll financially as well. When you sell your house to Quick Move Now, you can keep costs down, as you don’t have to pay for solicitors, brokers, or estate agents. There is also no need to spend money on marketing your property, or to incur any of the hassle and discomfort that viewings can cause.

It can often be the case that when selling a home due to divorce or a relationship breakdown that you want the transaction handled with discretion and respect. By selling to a cash buyer, you don’t have to advertise your property with any physical marketing efforts or by putting it online, so the entirety of the sale can be handled with confidentiality.

Why sell your home to us after a divorce?

Quick Move Now is one of the UK’s leading cash homebuyers, and we have been buying properties swiftly and with cash for many years.

When entrusting the sale of your family home to someone following a divorce, ensuring you choose the right people can make your life easier during a tough time. There are a number of reasons why people have been selling homes to us for over a decade:

  • We are able to liaise with both parties to help achieve a swift sale, which can be helpful if the divorce is acrimonious.
  • Selling your home quickly can release capital tied up in the property, which may be required to cover the legal costs of completing your divorce
  • If one or both of you has found a new property, the profits from the completed sale of your current home may be required before you can complete. Selling to us quickly can therefore help you move into your new homes sooner.
  • If you would rather save yourself the hassle, money and time involved with listing your home on the open market, we can take it off your hands for you in as little as seven days.
  • Your home may be in less-than-desirable condition cosmetically, which could hamper it’s ability to sell on the market. If you don’t want to do any upgrades or stage the home, contact us to see how we can buy it from you quickly.

We can provide no-obligation quote that will give you a rough estimate of what you could expect to receive upon the sale of your home. If you are happy to proceed, we can put together a formal offer and take care of the exchange quickly and discreetly, with the funds appearing in your account in as little as seven days.

Selling the family home in the wake of a divorce or separation can provide a great deal of closure, and so we seek to make this process as fast and pain-free as possible to enable you to close the door and move on sooner.

Call Our Experienced Cash Home Buyers Today

There are many things that can be difficult following divorce, but selling a house fast need not be one of them. If you don’t have the money or the desire to list and sell your home on the open market, accepting a cash offer provides an easy solution.

If you’re selling your home after divorce, the last thing you want to do is redecorate and spend time making it more attractive to buyers. We buy any house in any condition, as long as it’s mortgageable, and can buy houses, flats, maisonettes, and properties of all sizes across England and Wales, here you can learn more about what we buy.

If you are planning on selling property after divorce and want to know how much you could stand to receive for your home, contact the Quick Move Now team for a no-obligation valuation today.