Selling an Inherited Property


In the event of a death in the family, it can often be the case that property is passed down to relatives.

However, what happens when those now charged with possession of the property don’t wish to keep it? It could be that the property isn’t close to where you currently live and you don’t want to relocate, or that letting it out would mean ongoing maintenance and management you don’t wish to incur. Perhaps the property needs work structurally or cosmetically, or it could simply be that you wish for a quick house sale for sentimental reasons. During a time of bereavement, things like dealing with finances, paperwork and property can compound stress during an already difficult time, and so it is natural to want to make the process of selling an inherited house or flat as straightforward as possible.

At Quick Move Now, our experienced cash buyers are ready and waiting to help you sell your home quickly and without the hassle of putting it on the open market, so you can sell today without delay.

the most common action for those receiving property inheritance was to sell.


Why sell an inherited property to Quick Move Now?

If you have inherited a property that requires renovation or repair work, you may not be capable of carrying out this work yourself.

This can mean entrusting contractors to take care of this for you, which can become time consuming and expensive. However, if you plan to market and sell your home the traditional way on the open market, you will have to take care of these issues in order to find a buyer. You can eliminate this hassle when selling an inherited property to Quick Move Now, as we buy any property regardless of condition. This means there is no need to pay for repairs with money from your own pocket, nor do you have to invest any capital on things like marketing the property or instructing surveyors, estate agents, and other professionals to assist with the transaction. In fact, releasing money from the sale of your property can actually help to cover other costs such as funeral expenses and solicitor’s fees.

Another factor to consider is that property that lies vacant is at increased risk of criminal activity, namely squatting, vandalism, arson, and theft. If you are unable or unwilling to let the property and cannot occupy it yourself, leaving it empty while you wait to find a suitable buyer increases the risk of the home being targeted, which can lead to costly damage or even destruction altogether. By selling your home fast to a buyer who has the funds ready to go, you can reduce the time it spends empty and avoid these and other issues.

Sell your inherited property to Quick Move Now

As the UK’s leading homebuyers and one of the nation’s original genuine cash buyers, we have many years of experience that can be hugely beneficial during this difficult time. From the initial valuation to the exchange of final contracts, we make every step of the process as simple as possible so as to reduce any time or stress associated with the sale of your inherited property. We can make you a genuine offer within 48 hours, and as we are cash buyers, the money can be in your account within seven days of completion so that you have one less thing to worry about.

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There are lots of practicalities to think about when you inherit a home. If you’ve inherited it jointly, then you will need to discuss with the other parties what they want to do, and if you choose to rent it, then there can be issues with splitting the profits. You may also live in a different town to the inherited property, making it difficult to arrange viewings and meet with estate agents. That’s why we offer a quick way to sell your inherited home, and one that involves minimal disruption to your life.

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