Say No To Property Chain Worries and Quickly Sell Your Home

Stuck in a property chain

A property chain is a succession of linked house purchases.

If you are buying a house, you will often need to sell your current property in order to fund this next purchase. As you sell your home to buy from someone who is also selling their home, a property chain is formed. However, an average of one in four house sales fall through because of a break in the chain, which means everyone is inconvenienced and in some cases plans to move are put at risk.

One person pulling out can cause an entire chain to collapse, causing emotional distress and practical problems for all those involved. If a seller changes their mind at any point, this can leave you in a difficult position, and can delay your move to a new property.Unfortunately, house sales falling through can happen quite often; in the last three months of 2015, nearly a quarter of sales fell through for one reason or another.

If this has happened to you, give Quick Move Now a call. We can buy homes in any mortgageable condition all across England and Wales, helping you to complete on your sale and move into your new property as planned.

Avoid selling your home through a property chain

When someone pulls out of a property sale, everyone involved can feel the impact.

Some reasons for a property chain collapse could include:

  • Something unusual found in a survey
  • Buyer and seller disagreeing over terms
  • One of the buyers unable to get a mortgage
  • Delays in the conveyancing process
  • Sellers changing their mind and taking the property off the market

Just one link in the chain breaking can cause inconvenience, and so many people want to find another way to sell a house fast to avoid this stress. Quick Move Now offers an excellent alternative to help you break away from property chains. We can buy your home with cash in as little as seven days, allowing you to get moving sooner.

We canbuy your house with cash

If you have suffered someone pulling out of a house sale and need to sell your property quickly, the process is easy with Quick Move Now.

You can fill in our online enquiry form or call one of our team members to get a fast, initial offer. If you want to proceed based on this, we will arrange an independent valuation to be carried out, off the back of which we will make you a formal offer. If you accept this offer, we will take care of all aspects of the sale, allowing you to move out on a completion date that suits you.

If your house sale is delayed due to problems in the property chain, just call Quick Move Now today on 0800 068 3366.