Part exchange house – what does this mean? Put simply, part exchange house means to exchange your existing home as part payment towards your new home.

What is Property Part Exchange?

Property part exchange allows you to trade in your old home for a new home. In essence, part exchange is very similar to selling and buying a house on the open property market, it’s just normally a lot quicker!

Many new build home developers will offer their own part exchange scheme to buyers who have an existing home, but you can also opt to part exchange your home through an independent cash home buyer like Quick Move Now.

How does home part exchange work?

Most home buyers will also have a house to sell. Until their current property is sold, they cannot proceed with the purchase.  Selling your home can be a slow and stressful process.  If you’ve found your next property, you may want to consider property part exchange to help you achieve a  quick house sale.

Part Exchange is the process of a house buying company or builder purchasing your old property, which enables you to buy a new home.

Part-ex was pioneered in the UK by Barratt Homes and for many years PX was only offered by larger builders such as Redrow, Persimmon and Taylor Wimpey but with many restrictions.

In 1998 Quick Move Now began offering an independent home part exchange service, assisting anyone looking to sell and then buy another house, without the limitations of builder schemes.

Selling and buying a home can really be an easy process. Quick Move will buy your current home, enabling you to complete in the timescales required for your onward purchase.

The perception is that to get a PX service you need to be buying a brand-new home. However, with Quick Move that is not the case, we can enable the purchase of a new or existing property.
You can Part Exchange new build houses as well as older houses

Why use Property Part Exchange?

There are lots of reasons why people might want to part-exchange their home rather than go down the traditional house sale route. Here are some examples:

  • You could be in a hurry to move, perhaps because of a new job or wanting to get settled before a new school year starts.
  • You may be finding that the property market in your area is slow, and want to find a quick, easy way to sell your home.
  • You have found your dream home and don’t want to lose it.

Whatever your reasons, Quick Move Now has many years of experience helping people just like you.

Buying any property is a big decision but there are certain considerations that should be made if you are looking to buy a new build, read our guide to buying a new build home for more information.

Why part-exchange your home with Quick Move Now?

The Quick Move Now part exchange scheme offers significant benefits over traditional house builder PX.

All builder PX schemes limit you to particular plots in limited locations. With Quick Move Now’s property part-exchange scheme, you can buy any home and sell your property quickly with much more freedom, making this an ideal option for those who want to wrap up transactions fast.

Below, you’ll see some of the advantages of using our part-exchange service versus those offered by home builders:

Quick Move Now part exchange homes Housing developer property part exchange
Available in all property market conditions. Extremely limited in poor markets.
Independent cash house buyer Limited to certain plots and/or sites.
Can be used when purchasing ANY new or existing property including long leasehold flats and ex-local authority properties. Builders will only buy certain property types. For example, most don’t buy ex-council or leasehold.
Quick Move Now buys houses for cash across England and Wales. Most builders do not buy out of the area where the new build is for sale.
Quick Move now has an annual turnover exceeding £42 million and funds are always ready to buy homes fast. Builders offer a small number of property part exchanges a year, when the quota is full, the property part exchange facility is withdrawn
Part exchange is offered whether you’re moving up the property ladder or downsizing. Builders require you to be purchasing a more expensive property to offer the part exchange service.  Many will require your new home to be worth 30% more than the value of your current home.
As you become a chain-free house buyer, you can negotiate hard and obtain discounts on your onward purchase. Property part exchange is a large cost and risk to the builder and if offered, it minimises the value of any other discount/incentives that would have been on offer.

Benefits of Part-Exchanging with Quick Move Now

Quick Move Now is the UK’s largest independent house buyer, having bought more than 5,500 homes since 1998.

Cash Home Buyer

As a specialist cash home buyer, Quick Move Now will buy your house directly, in the timescales you need to buy your new home. If you want to sell your house fast, Quick Move can purchase quickly without the delays, fees and hassles usually associated with selling your home.

Even if you don’t need an immediate sale, selling your home on the open market will take months of hassle and uncertainty. If in that time you find the property of your dreams, you risk losing out unless you can exchange contracts very quickly.

Quick Completion

As the nation’s leading cash buying company, you can have every faith and confidence that the transaction will go through as planned. Completion can happen is a little as 7 days and we guarantee that the funds will be available on the day of completion, allowing you to move with confidence


If you are finding that the property market in your area is slow, or you are having difficulties selling your home due to condition or location, you may miss out on being able to buy the home you want.

With Quick Move Now’s part-exchange service, you can be sure that completion will happen on the date you need, and that you won’t get any last-minute surprises.

No property chain

One big drawback of buying and selling on the open market is that one buyer pulling out can mean an entire chain collapses. With Quick Move Now’s part-exchange service there is no chain, so you can be sure that completion will happen on the date you say.


We can buy any home in England and Wales, regardless of condition, location or price.

Whole of Market

Quick Move doesn’t tie you into buying a specific property. You can upsize, downsize, buy new, buy old, delay your purchase or even not buy at all. We simply buy your current home in the timescales you want, releasing the equity for you to use as required.


Our house part exchange service offers you guaranteed flexibility and certainty all with the minimum of paperwork and stress.

What else to consider before buying a new home?

Buying any home is a big decision and it is not something you will do every day. There is so much to consider. With all the perceived uncertainty, many home buyers consider buying a brand new home and in some instances utilise a house part exchange service to facilitate the move. If you are considering buying a new home read our 10-point new home guide before you do.

Many home buyers are nervous about negotiating on the purchase of their new home and often they don’t even think they can negotiate on a new build. If you are looking to buy a new home read our Negotiation Guide.

Part Exchange House with Quick Move Now

Found a home to buy but not sold your current property? Our part-exchange scheme provides you with a guaranteed sale of your current house, allowing you to buy a new home.

Quick Move Now offers a more flexible and accessible part exchange service than those offered through house builders. You don’t even need to be buying a new build, the PX service can be used to buy any home, new or old.

If you want to secure your new home and need to sell, the Quick Move Part Exchange House service is the answer.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can part-exchange a house, flat, or other property through Quick Move Now, give us a call on 0800 068 3366 or enquire online today.

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 2nd July 2016
Last updated on 3rd June 2019