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Can’t sell on the open market?

There can be a number of reasons why your property won’t sell, and for homeowners in a hurry to move, encountering any one of these can be incredibly frustrating.

Listing at the wrong price, the physical state or location of the property, and wider overall market conditions can all impact the success of a sale, but reasons can be of little consolation to vendors in want of a quick move. It could be that you want to sell for personal reasons (such as bereavement or divorce), need to release equity to manage other debts, want to act quickly to secure the sale of your new home, or need to relocate immediately for work and don’t want to let your current property. Whatever the reason, if you’re struggling to sell your house when going down the traditional route, you may find yourself looking for an alternative.

Why isn’t your home selling?

When you are selling on the open market, the state of the cycle in your local area will play in determining factor in things like how long it takes to sell your home, and the price you can expect to achieve for it.

But beyond the market conditions, there could be other reasons why your house isn’t selling. It could be that your home is in poor or dated condition either structurally or cosmetically, and that buyers either want a consequent discount on the sale price to cover the cost of doing the necessary work, or they would rather buy something turnkey and forget the hassle altogether. Instructing the wrong estate agent can mean your property is anything from erroneously priced to poorly marketed, both of which can result in you not being able to sell a property on the open market. Finally, location is a big factor for both traditional homebuyers and investors, and properties that don’t have an ideal location or that are situated near to things like main roads or active rail lines can often struggle to attract buyers.

Is there an alternative?

Selling to cash buyers can be a great alternative to attempting to navigate the property market.

Selling to a genuine cash buyer saves not only time, but also a great deal of hassle. If your property has failed to sell, you could be feeling downtrodden and disheartened, which can place you under substantial stress. Even if you do attract interest from some buyers, deals can fall through at the last minute, which can complicate further moving plans. It can often be the case that the purchase of a new property is contingent on the sale of your current home. If you are stuck in such a property chain, this can be an incredibly stressful experience, as you run the risk of losing out on your dream property through absolutely no fault of your own. Here’s where selling to cash buyers can be especially beneficial; we can close deals within a matter of days, giving youthe closure you need and the money you require to make your next move.

Selling to a cash buyer alleviates these and other issues. You don’t have to worry about the state of the market or even your property – if your property is mortgageable, we can take it off your hands to save you the hassle of conventional selling.

Find out more today

At Quick Move Now, we buy any home regardless of location or condition, and have helped thousands of customers throughout England and Wales sell their home without having to put it on the market.

We can buy your property in as little as seven days versus the several months it will usually take via traditional means. This is because we have large cash reserves available to buy properties, and don’t need to rely on mortgages or investors.We pay solicitors’ fees and all associated costs, and on the day of completion, we guarantee that the cash will be available to enable the sale to go through.

Whether there are obstacles making it difficult to sell your home or you simply don’t have the money and time to put your property on the open housing market, Quick Move Now is here to help. With our guaranteed cash funds, we can purchase homes in as little as seven days versus the several months it could potentially take via traditional means. To find out more about selling your home to a cash buyer today, contact our team on 0800 068 3366.

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