Found our dream home and were desperate not to lose to another buyer

Anette Jensen & Kevin Daycott, Nottingham | Found Dream Home

When Anette and her husband, Kevin, found their dream property; a four-bedroom house in Nottingham, they were desperate not to lose it to another buyer.

Having sold a property on the open market in the past, they knew how time-consuming it could be and did not want to risk losing their dream home in the process. They contacted Quick Move Now, the UK’s leading property buying company, who guaranteed a quick, secure and hassle-free house sale, enabling them to move onwards.

I heard about Quick Move Now after searching online for the best way to move quickly.

After reading through their website and speaking with their friendly team, we knew their professional cash home buying service was a trustworthy service.

There is a misconception that quick house sale companies are only used by distressed vendors, and that is just not the case.

Quick Move Now simplified the sale process and made moving easy. They bought our detached house, enabling us to move on and purchase our beautiful four-bedroom home in Nottingham. It is more spacious and has been a great lifestyle change. We are so grateful we didn’t miss this opportunity.

From the initial offer to final completion, Quick Move Now has been very professional, accommodating and easy to deal with. Above all, it is a service for those who need more flexibility when moving and Quick Move Now is able to expedite or delay the exchange and completion dates to make sure it is most convenient for the seller.

Throughout the process we felt very secure and confident to purchase onwards. Quick Move Now gave us back control and eliminated the fear of a sale falling through, as well as eliminating the hassle of estate agents and multiple viewings.

We would definitely recommend Quick Move Now to anyone looking to move quickly and without fuss. While we did not receive the same value for our property as we would have on the open market, we were willing to accept a slightly reduced offer because we knew how much it would pay off in the end. And it has! We are enjoying our new home so much.

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found our dream home and didn't want to loose out
The vendors of the property we purchased were moving to Australia and looking for secure and dedicated buyers who could purchase the property quickly without hassle. Quick Move Now put us in the ideal financial position to secure the house immediately.