Wanted to secure a quick and easy house sale due to health reasons

Mrs Jay | Retirement/Downsizing

After making a difficult decision to sell her two-bedroom townhouse due to health reasons, Mrs Jay wanted to secure a quick and hassle-free cash house sale.

Having suffered from an injury, Mrs Jay wanted to sell her house quickly in order to move into a rented bungalow to make her day-to-day living more manageable.

Because Mrs Jay had already put down a deposit for her new rental home, she needed to sell her existing house fast to eliminate any unnecessary mortgage payments and bills.

I was looking for a quick house sale due to health reasons!

Because of the time pressures surrounding Mrs Jay’s move, she contacted Quick Move Now, the UK’S largest home buying company to see if we could help.

Within 3 days of her initial contact, Quick Move Now had arranged for local independent estate agents to visit her Alfreton property and Mrs Jay had the formal cash offer for her house in her hand.

Having weighed up the benefits of selling to Quick Move Now, Mrs Jay accepted our formal offer.

Mrs Jay was in complete control of her property sale. As she already had a date to move into her new bungalow, Quick Move Now worked to her timescales to ensure the money was in her bank on completion.

After making a very difficult decision to sell due to health reasons, we wanted a quick and painless sale. The team at Quick move now were very professional and responded quickly to our need for a quick sale. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the sale, we did have to accept a low offer but we knew this would be the case from the start.

If anyone is in a similar position and is happy to accept an offer that’s considerably less than market value, Quick Move Now is an excellent company to work with. We very much appreciated their help at a difficult time in our lives.

If you are looking to downsize to make life easier, call Quick Move Now today on 0800 068 3366 to see if we can help!

House Sale Due To Health Reasons
Quick move now were very professional and responded quickly to our need for a quick sale.