Trying to sell an inherited property on the open market

Ms Patricia Palmer-Harrington, Nottingham | Inherited Property

When Patricia Palmer-Harrington inherited a two-bedroom detached bungalow in Nottingham, she was keen to sell it in order to pay her mortgage off and make some home improvements.

Unfortunately, the traditional and online estate agents employed to sell the house all failed to find a buyer and Mrs Palmer-Harrington didn’t get the regular updates nor the number of viewers promised. One agent didn’t even begin marketing the property properly, despite having it on the books for five months!

The online estate agent promised many viewings, a subsequent bidding war and, therefore, higher offers than quick sale companies.  They signed Mrs Palmer-Harrington up to a 28-day contract.

In reality, the property wasn’t actively marketed and no offers were made at all. To add insult to injury, the agreement she had signed stipulated that she could not sell to any outside parties without incurring a penalty fee for the duration of the contract.

Time ticked on and Mrs Palmer-Harrington was facing council tax charges as well as footing the bill for expensive upkeep and maintenance costs for the extra property.

Once her online estate agency contract had ended, she decided to look at other opportunities and spoke to Quick Move Now to see what their professional cash home buying service could offer.

Within 7 days, Quick Move Now had provided Mrs Palmer-Harrington with a free, no-obligation cash offer, based on the valuations of two local independent estate agents who visited the property at a mutually convenient time.

Mrs Palmer-Harrington accepted the offer on the 5th August and asked for completion on the 12th.

Quick Move Now worked quickly and the transaction was completed on the chosen date. Mrs Palmer-Harrington was free to plan the next stage of the renovation program on her own house, with the cash in her bank account.

Mrs Palmer-Harrington explains:

The difference between Quick Move Now and estate agents is that Quick Move Now gave me everything I needed. Every step of the way, they were there.

Any problems, I could phone them and they could phone me. I have very high standards and they’ve reached every standard I have.

Mrs Palmer-Harrington was relieved that Quick Move Now buys houses using cash instead of a mortgage and impressed with the speed of the service.

If you have a property to sell and would like to explore, as Mrs Palmer-Harrington did, the benefits of using Quick Move Now, contact our team on f0800 068 3366

selling inherited property on open market
We went up to the solicitors in Lancashire, signed, came back and by the time we came back; the money was in the bank. The speed at which it went was actually breath-taking for me because I knew that it normally takes a long while.