No luck selling buy-to-let property on the open market!

Mr and Mrs Munday | Former Investment

When Mr and Mrs Munday decided to sell their former rental house on the open market, they assumed it would sell quickly without hassle.

They originally used a local estate agent to sell their investment property, as the agent advised that they shouldn’t have any problems selling their property quickly.

Three months later, despite receiving lots of viewings, the Mundays hadn’t had a single offer for the property. With the house sitting vacant and running costs mounting up, the Mundays were getting anxious about not being able to sell the property and it being left empty throughout the winter months.

Disheartened and exploring their options, they started looking into alternative options to achieve a quick house sale.

That’s when they came across Quick Move Now, the UK’s largest and original cash home buying company. Mrs Munday made the initial contact with Quick Move Now to explain their situation and to gain a better understanding of how the quick house sale process works.

7 days after the Mundays’ had initially contacted Quick Move Now, they had a formal cash offer for the property.  The Mundays were quick to decide that receiving a guaranteed cash offer, albeit it at a discounted rate was well worth it!

Another week later and the money was in their bank, leaving the Mundays free to move on with the next stage of their lives. Free from the stresses and anxieties of not being able to sell their former rental house on the open property market.

Mrs Munday commented on Quick Move Now’s professional house buying service;

From start to finish a very smooth process!  Rhys Luke was always very helpful!

Anyone who needs a quick house sale, albeit at a discount, Quick Move Now is in our opinion unlikely to disappoint!!

From start to finish a very smooth process. Rhys Luke was always very helpful and for anyone who needs a quick sale, albeit at a discount, Quick Move Now is in our opinion unlikely to disappoint.