Sold my property easily while living abroad

Anne, Preston | Retirement/Downsizing

When Anne decided it was time to sell her mother’s former property, the situation was made challenging by Anne living and working abroad.

The speed and certainty of a house sale to Quick Move Now, the price we offered and the high level of service we give to our customers meant she felt we were the right people to buy her mother’s house.

Anne explains: “A few years ago Mum suffered a stroke and has since moved to an assisted living environment. The time was right to sell her house, but as I lived abroad it would have been tricky to sell via the open property market.

I searched online for companies that buy houses. That’s when I found Quick Move Now. I read their customer reviews and checked their finances through companies house.

It was very apparent that Quick Move Now has the best reputation of all house buying companies and I had little doubt they would be able to keep to their promises. Happy to say they didn’t disappoint!”

The formal offer was made within 24 hours of the valuation and everything was completed within two weeks; it could have been quicker than that if I’d wanted, but that was the timescale I requested.

The sale went through extremely smoothly and quickly. I was very satisfied with the service and would recommend them to anyone else wishing to sell a house in this manner.

property bought by Quick Move Now 7
Quick Move Now offered the best price for the house and had a great service. I would definitely recommend them.