Previous buyer pulled out, but need the money for dream home

Becky Pratt, Birmingham | Found Dream Home, Part Exchange

Mrs Pratt had a previous buyer pull out at a time when she was eagerly awaiting a move into her dream home, causing what is commonly known as a chain break. 

Not wanting to miss out on the move, Mrs Pratt was desperate to find another buyer for her property in a very short period of time. With the chances of this becoming ever smaller, a friend informed her about Quick Move Now and the services that they offered.

After a short phone call, things really got moving. Before long, a formal offer was made by Rhys, the property manager at Quick Move Now, and Mrs Pratt was on the way to her dream home once again.

Mrs Pratt was kept within the loop with all of the aspects of the sale, knew exactly what was going on, and fully understood why her friend had recommended the company.

Within a couple of weeks my house was sold and I’m now in my dream property! Thank you Quick Move Now!

property bought by Quick Move Now 14
I really cannot fault my experience with Quick Move Now. After my buyer pulled out, I was positive I would miss out on my dream home.