New job in a new location, taking the plunge

Colin Warrener, Oxfordshire | Relocating

When Mr Warrener was offered a new job, in a new location, he and his wife decided that it was the right decision to make the move.

They placed their house on the market immediately, but it still hadn’t sold two months down. Mr and Mrs Warrener decided that it was time to start looking at alternatives.

Mr Warrener was surprised by how patient and helpful the Quick Move Now team were on the phone.  They answered all of his questions and were more than happy to work through the process at a pace that suited him.

Having never used a professional home buying service like this before, Mr Warrener was reassured and his initial worries were put at ease.  When everything was explained, it became clear that Quick Move Now could and would make his deadline.

After agreeing with his wife that the offer was fair, they decided to accept. After they had accepted, everything went smoothly and Mr Warrener was able to relocate for his new job earlier than he ever could have expected whilst on the open market.

I would recommend Quick Move Now to anybody in a situation where they need to sell their property quickly.

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If we hadn't used the Quick Move Now service I am sure we would still be living in the same house, and my job would have fallen through.