Need to sell my house fast or face a daily trip of 120 miles

Robert Harrison, Stoke-on-Trent | Relocating

After accepting a new job in Liverpool, Mr Harrison knew he would have to relocate as soon as possible or face the arduous 120-mile round trip every day, just to get the work.

After being on the open market for a substantial time of 2 years, Mr Harrison had only received a handful of visits to his property, none of which had made any offers for his home.

Feeling deflated by his situation, Mr Harrison looked around the internet to see what options were available to him in order to sell his house quickly. He soon discovered a raft of home buying companies, who all claimed to be able to buy properties quickly for cash!

On the face of it, this sounded like the perfect solution for Mr Harrison, the problem he now faced was who to use?

When Mr Harrison contacted our dedicated property team at Quick Move Now, we explained that although there are a lot of house buyers on the market, only a handful directly buy properties. The rest will make an offer and then try to secure the funding through investors and brokers. Some homebuyers also make their customers sign an ‘option agreement’ these normally cost the seller anywhere from £200 – £500 to get out of.

We advised Mr Harrison to do his homework before making any decisions, and suggested he look on websites such as DueDil and Companies House to see the company’s filed accounts. If a company claiming to be a house buyer either doesn’t file accounts or has an annual turnover of less than £1million, it’s unlikely that they will be buying houses in any volume.

Here at Quick Move Now, we pride ourselves on being honest and transparent from the start. Since inception in 1998, we have now bought over 5,500 properties and currently have around £6million in the bank. This means Quick Move Now can guarantee a quick house sale!

After some thorough research, Mr Harrison chose to use Quick Move Now to buy his property and within 15 days he had the cash for the property in his bank!

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Thank you for this - I have to say I was genuinely impressed with the responsiveness, speed and efficiency of the service I received, both from yourselves, and from the solicitor who handled my sale.