Landed my dream job and need to sell my house quick to relocate

Victoria Walters, Sherborne | Relocating

When Mrs Walters was offered her dream job, she knew she would need to quickly sell her 3 bedroom semi-detached house in Sherbourne in order to relocate to be closer for work.

Mrs Walters only had a 2 week notice period at her former workplace, so as soon as she had accepted her new job, finding a new home closer to her new place of work was a priority!

After reading our happy customer reviews, Mrs Walters decided to contact the friendly team here at Quick Move Now to discuss how our quick home buying service works.

Mrs Walters soon realised that Quick Move Now were the property buying company to use. As the UK’s original and largest home buyers,

Quick Move Now offer their customers a fast, secure and hassle-free cash house sale. As market leaders, our experienced team, efficient processes and substantial cash reserves allow us to make immediate direct purchases, enabling our customers to sell their homes fast and move on with their lives.

We made Mrs Walters a realistic cash offer for her property which she promptly accepted. Mrs Walters had already found a rental property close to her new job and was keen to complete on the sale of her property so she could move on with her new life!

Within 4 weeks of Mrs Walter originally contacting Quick Move Now, the money was in her bank for the sale of her property.

Why sell with us

  • We do exactly what we say

    We buy property, for cash, quickly. If you need a quick, certain and hassle free sale, we can buy. We
    will buy at a discount to market value, but we are upfront about this discount from the outset, and
    there is never any cost to you.

  • Cash available immediately – 24 hour guarantee

    All purchases are 100% cash – we do not need to obtain mortgage finance or find an investor. We have
    substantial cash reserves available and a turnover of £42 million, so there will be no delays. We
    guarantee to have the cash to buy your home available to solicitors within 24 hours. Quick Move Now
    is the only company to offer this assurance.

  • No contracts until completion

    We do not hook your business in on a contract, you are not tied to anything until we complete on the
    property sale. Therefore you are under no obligation up until this point to use us – we are
    confident enough to offer this as we know we have the service quality to help you with your propert
    sale with no hassle.

  • You set the timescale

    Our service is designed to meet your immediate requirements. You set the completion date, from as
    little as seven days to as long as eight weeks, and we ensure it is met with the minimum of

  • Our business is totally transparent

    Our company details are freely available online and in all literature. We provide detailed evidence
    of our history, track record and post detailed company accounts on our website. We understand that
    selling your home can be a stressful and unfamiliar process so we try and make things as seamless as

  • We’re here seven days a week

    We try to be here when you need to speak to us. Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm and
    Saturday to Sunday 10am to 3pm. Outside of these hours you can leave a message with our friendly
    call handling service and one of the team will contact you the following day.

property bought by Quick Move Now 20
I found Quick Move Now to be professional, friendly and speedy. We were able to move within a month and were really delighted with the service we received. I would definitely recommend!