I’ve just got a new job and I need to relocate quickly

Mr Deacon, Cardiff | Inherited Property, Relocating

Mr Deacon wanted to sell his three-bedroom, semi-detached house in Cardiff and relocate for work purposes. He had been using an estate agent to market the property for seven months but had only achieved four viewings in that time and no offers.

Keen to move and excited about his relocation, Mr Deacon asked Quick Move Now, the UK’s original and leading cash home buyer, to make a free, no-obligation cash offer that he accepted.

Quick Move Now managed the process and kept in constant contact with Mr Deacon, making sure the transaction completed when he needed it to and taking as much of the hassle away from him as possible.

What did using a cash house buyer like Quick Move Now mean for Mr Deacon?

  • A guaranteed cash offer within seven days
  • The flexibility to choose completion dates
  • No solicitors fees or estate agent fees
  • The ability to make his onward move a reality!

If Mr Deacon had kept his property on the market, it might well have been a different story.

The average time taken to obtain an offer on a property in Wales via an estate agent was three to four months, in which time property value depreciated 6.6%.

So, if Mr Deacon had managed to find a buyer, he could have expected offers around £12,000 lower than the offer made by Quick Move Now, and would not have had the assurance of a quick, guaranteed sale.

Unfortunately, on the open market, mortgage difficulties and chain delays make sale timescales unpredictable and sales often fall through.  This leaves sellers searching for a new buyer and having to start the selling process again.

Quick overview – what would using an estate agent have meant for Mr Deacon?

  • No guarantee of an offer
  • Time spent waiting for a buyer
  • A high chance of sales falling through once buyers had been found
  • Lower offers due to market depreciation
  • Estate agent and legal fees
  • No opportunity to choose timescales

Settled in his new home, Mr Deacon was pleased that the sale of his previous property had gone so smoothly and efficiently, and that he had avoided the stresses and strains involved in traditional methods of house selling. He made a fresh start without the worry of having an existing property to try and sell!

Rhys Luke, Property Purchase Director for Quick Move Now, commented:

It was brilliant to be able to help Mr Deacon and purchase his property quickly so that he could relocate.

Quick Move Now’s cash funds meant that it could guarantee to purchase his house and offer him the certainty that was unavailable on the open market.

property bought by Quick Move Now 2
Quick Move Now's cash funds meant that it could guarantee to purchase his house and offer him the certainty that was unavailable on the open market.