Mr Liddell sold his buy-to-let leasehold flat in just 8 days

Mr Liddell | Former Investment

North Shields, Tyne and Wear

After finding out about our property buying services, Mr Liddell sold his three-bedroom leasehold flat to Quick Move Now in just eight working days.

Mr Liddell first contacted Quick Move Now in 2016 when he decided he wanted to sell the buy-to-let flat he had purchased ten years earlier.

He liked the idea of the speed and certainty Quick Move Now could offer him, but decided that the offer he received was a little lower than he would like, so he wanted to take his chances on the open market. Almost two years later, having been unable to find a buyer through an estate agent, Mr Liddell returned to Quick Move Now and said he wanted to accept our offer. Eight days later, the sale completed.

Leasehold properties usually take a little longer to sell than freehold properties, due to the extra legal work that is required for the sale. However, we understood that because the former buy-to-let property was now empty, the property was costing Mr Liddell money. For this reason, he was keen for a fast sale. We usually expect a leasehold property sale to take around two weeks, but we worked extremely hard to get the sale progressed quickly and managed to complete in just 8 days.

Mr Liddell had also approached another company that claimed to able to offer a quick house sale. When they made a higher offer than Quick Move Now, Mr Liddell was tempted. However, upon further investigation, he discovered that they were, in fact, a property broker presenting themselves as a cash buyer, and did not have the funds available to purchase the property directly. This meant that they were not able to deliver either the speed or certainty that Mr Liddell was looking for.

Selling on the open market involves a great deal of uncertainty regarding both timescale and the price you will achieve for your property, as Mr Liddell discovered when he struggled to sell via an estate agent. A genuine cash home buyer will remove all the risk and uncertainty associated with a property sale, by offering a guaranteed sale on a date of your choice.

Speaking about his experience with Quick Move Now, Mr Liddell commented: “I can’t fault the service provided. [They were] very efficient and professional in a market that is unfortunately awash with companies that advertise a quick and easy sale but don’t deliver. I simply wanted to offload a property that had been rented out for years. Quick Move Now did exactly what they said they would with minimal fuss. I got less than I’d have got through the private sale market but I avoided estate agent and legal fees, and ultimately I knew I’d get less from the outset – that’s the whole business model…a genuine company that I’d recommend.”

Jennifer Thompson - Quick Move Now

Jennifer Thompson, Quick Move Now’s Purchasing Manager (pictured), was responsible for ensuring the quick purchase of this property. She has now dealt with the purchase of over 600 properties and has vast experience of the property buying process.

Jennifer explains: “Our job is to ensure that any issues that crop up during the sale of the property are ironed out swiftly, so we can buy the property within our client’s required timescales.

The fact that Mr Liddell’s property was leasehold adds another layer of legal work to complete for the sale, but we always work hard to meet our customers’ preferred timescales. For Mr Liddell that meant completing the sale as quickly as possible, but whatever your circumstances, we will always work with you to meet your needs.”

Estate agents who conducted independent property valuations: Hunters and Pattinsons

RICs Surveyor used: Wisemove

Solicitors used: Wards Solicitors and Houldsworth Solicitors

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three-bedroom leasehold flat
I can't fault the service provided. Very efficient and professional in a market that is unfortunately awash with companies that advertise a quick and easy sale but don't deliver.