Found dream home in Scotland

Mr & Mrs Earle, Arundel | Found Dream Home

Mr and Mrs Earle were looking to sell their four bedroom, detached, 1880s family home with outbuildings and a small amount of land which was situated in a picturesque village near Arundel.

They had found their dream new home in Scotland and needed to sell their existing property quickly in order to make the move.

They approached Quick Move Now as a last resort after experiencing the unreliability of the traditional housing market and for them, the peace of mind and the fact that they were able to secure their new home was more than worth forgoing the chance that they may have got a higher price on the open market.

Having been on the market for about 15 months through various estate agents and the price continually reducing, Mr and Mrs Earle had a sale in place but the chain broke and the sale fell through. Soon after they got another sale and again that fell through. Mr and Mrs Earle started to feel slightly desperate so looked around at companies who bought houses quickly and for cash.

It was very important to them to feel in charge because of having gone through the experience that they had with third parties involved: estate agents, surveyors, solicitors, people who wanted to buy their house and then didn’t.

When they discovered Quick Move Now, they were able to determine their ideal timescales. We worked hard to stick with the timescales requested, and made sure everything happened on time, and ultimately Mr and Mrs Earle felt in control of the sale.

My wife found Quick Move Now on the internet and we went with them because there were no estate agent fees, no solicitors’ fees and the whole process took three weeks from start to finish.

sold house quickly to move to Scotland
The sale went brilliantly - that's the only way to describe it. Everything happened when they said it would and they kept us fully informed at all times. Quick Move Now was very aware of what we wanted; to move on with our lives - and that's what they gave us.