Father needs to sell buy-to-let property he no longer wants

David Williams, Southport | Former Investment

When David Williams, 72, a retired sports enthusiast moved to South Wales several years ago, his daughter decided to stay in Southport to pursue her studies. As she needed accommodation, David decided not to sell the three bedroom semi-detached house they were living in at the time.

Managing a buy-to-let house 200 miles away was a big burden

When David’s daughter finished her studies, he found that managing a house 200 miles away was becoming a big burden.

Having sold a property on the open market in the past, David knew selling the property in the traditional method could be a long-winded process. As he was already living in a property and was 200 miles away from Southport, David was willing to accept a reduced offer from Quick Move Now, in exchange for a fast and more pleasant house sale.

Frankly, the cost of running a house in Southport was hefty and living so far away made managing the property very complicated.

With heating, council tax and maintenance costs, keeping the empty house was costing me upwards of £1,000 a month.

I knew that if I held onto the house to try and achieve a better value on the open market, the travel, repair expenses and unforeseen delays would end up costing me more time, money and stress.

David contacted Quick Move now, the UK’s leading private house buyers, who facilitated a fast, secure and hassle-free house sale that allowed David to move on with life and enjoy his retirement.

From initial contact, I was impressed with the service. I could not be happier with the service provided by Quick Move Now.

I initially embarked on the process with a degree of scepticism but this was soon dispelled. To quote an overused slogan ‘they did what they said on the tin!

property bought by Quick Move Now 15
I was ready to sell my rental property and was looking for convenience, security and speed above all. I did not want to travel to Southport, over four hours away, for the various viewings and meetings required when selling on the open market. I was not sure how I could sell the property while living in South Wales until I found Quick Move Now.