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Happy customers are important to us, which is why we’re proud to share these quick move now reviews, directly from our customers

With so many companies claiming to be cash house buyers, it can be hard to know who to trust.  That’s why it is so important you carry out due diligence checks before committing to sell directly to any company. One thing to look out for is a range of reviews and testimonials, which should be made readily available by any reputable company.  We understand that selling your property is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, and we want you to feel confident that you’re in safe hands with Quick Move Now.

Make sure you choose a trusted home buyer like Quick Move Now by falling these

a month ago
I decided to use Quick Move Now as it enabled me to move quickly (even though I had not found...
3 months ago
"I was very unsure about these kind of quick move companies but I read the reviews and decided to contact...
5 months ago
We used Quick Move Now because we didn't want the stress and worry of selling our rental property privately. Timescales...
4 weeks ago
From the very first contact to completion of the sale the service from Quick Move Now was very professional, efficient,...
3 months ago
Fantastic customer service. If you need to sell your house fast and will accept a settlement that is less than...

Why Trust Us ?

Over £6 million available to directly buy houses
Quick Move Now have been directly buying houses since 1998. We always use our own cash reserves and unlike other companies claiming to be genuine cash buyers, Quick Move Now never rely on funding from investors or lenders. We currently have over £6.3 million in the bank available to buy more residential properties.
Complete in as little as 7 days
Because we have immediate access to our own funds, completions timescales can be as quick or long as you need. One of the biggest benefits of selling your house directly to a cash buyer like Quick Move Now is you are in complete control of your completion date. Having this level of certainty will put you in the best possible position when buying on! Don’t just take our work for it, our reviews speak for themselves!
24 day Cash Guarantee
We are the ONLY cash buying company to provide the assurance of a 24-hour cash guarantee. This means we guarantee to deposit the funds from your house sale within 24 hours. We are also happy to provide proof of funds to your solicitors at any point of the process! Just noticed the we have ‘24 day cash guarantee’ on icon; this needs to be changed to ‘24 hour cash guarantee’.
Proud to be Associated
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Helpful and informative right from my initial contact. Seamless from start to finish. Extremely well organised and the purchase procedure was so straightforward. The sale of my property to Quickmove was just like their name ...Quick and easy. No stress, once sale agreed the whole thing was quick and
Mr Brian Johnson , Melton Mowbray
From the very first contact to completion of the sale the service from Quick Move Now was very professional, efficient, straight forward but most of all friendly. For people in need of a quick sale, who accept that they will not get the market price, I recommend them without reservation.
Mr D Mills , Cambridge
The decision to sell your house is a big one, and we do it for lots of reasons. I was wary at first thinking I would get a high pressure sales team on my case pushing me to make decisions -- nothing could be further from the truth. What I experienced was a bunch of fair minded, professional and di
Verified Customer
I was very pleased with my overall experience and dealings with QuickMoveNow. The communication throughout was clear and robust, from both staff and Directors, and they completed the purchase within the estimated timescale.
Verified Customer
I decided to use Quick Move Now as it enabled me to move quickly (even though I had not found anywhere to buy at this point). It also took the hassle out of selling, and the reduction in the house price was worth it to me not having to ensure the dog was out the house for viewings, the house and gar
Verified Customer


Will a genuine house buyer pay 100% of market value?

No – A genuine property buyer, will not be able to pay 100% market value.  Genuine cash buying companies are businesses that typically pay around 80-85% of market value, in return for a quick, guaranteed cash sale where the seller is in complete control of the timescale.

How much money should a genuine home buying company have in their bank?

Any company claiming to be a cash home buyer, should be able to prove their available funds to you. You should expect to see an annual turnover in excess of £4million with a current balance sheet of at least £1million if they’re genuine cash home buyers.

A genuine cash home buyer will have their own funds available to complete the sale, and will not rely on finance from any mortgages, third-parties or investors. As well as reading cash home buyer reviews and testimonials, you can check out a company’s financial credentials using websites such as Companies House and Duedil.

Would a genuine property buying company make me sign a contract or ask me to pay any fees?

No! Alarm bells should be ringing if you asked to sign a contract or pay any fees! These are tactics used by brokers to tie you while they try and secure an investor or sell your home quickly through the open market at a reduced rate.

What checks can I do to see if a home buying company is legitimate?

There are several checks that you can complete to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate house buying company.

•    Check out their company information and accounts by visiting www.companieshouse.gov.uk. Their annual turnover should be the most obvious indication of the number of properties they have directly bought (or not).

•    If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not real! Don’t forget; a real cash home buyer will NOT pay 100% of market value.

•    Read their reviews – Do their reviews appear genuine?

How can I tell if a company’s house buying reviews are genuine?

Unfortunately, you can’t believe everything you read online, even customer reviews! It’s important to make sure the house buying company you are considering uses an independent review platform like Feefo or Trust Pilot, as reviews that are just written on a webpage could be fake.



Make sure their reviews are staggered. It would be very unlikely for a genuine home buyer to receive 10 reviews in one month and then nothing for the rest of the year. This would indicate their home buying reviews are not real!

If in doubt, ask your home buyer direct questions about their reviews; What house does this review refer to? Where in the country did you purchase this property? When did the completion happen? If they’ve genuinely purchased the property the review is referring to, they should easily be able to answer your questions.

Did the cash home buyer complete the sale when they said they would?  If you’re considering using a cash home buyer, it will likely be because you’re looking for a quick, guaranteed and hassle-free house sale.  If the company is a genuine and trusted home buyer, they should be able to complete the sale of your property in a guaranteed timescale.  At Quick Move Now we can buy your property in as little as 7 days, or in a timescale that suits your individual circumstances.

Looking at cash home buyer reviews and testimonials you should be able to get a feel for the customer’s overall experience.  Did the company deliver what they promised? Would the customer recommend the service to others?

Remember to always make sure you feel the reviews are genuine; if a company has 20 new cash home buyer reviews every month, but a turnover of £1 million, they can’t possibly be buying as many properties as they’re claiming.  This means the reviews are either not written by real customers, or the company is relying on third-party funding and investors to buy properties and therefore cannot guarantee the sale

Quick Move Now Testimonials

Wanted to secure a quick and easy house sale due to health reasons
Mrs Jay > Retirement/Downsizing
Looking for a quick house sale in order to be closer to family
Mr and Mrs Gough > Relocating
No luck selling buy-to-let property on the open market!
Mr and Mrs Munday > Former Investment
We found our dream home but buyer pulled out last minute!
Mr & Mrs Simmonds > Found Dream Home,Relocating,Retirement/Downsizing
Failed to sell my property at Auction – Need a quick house sale
Mr White, Bristol > Former Investment
Facing financial difficulty and need to sell your house quickly?
Ms Coronas, Croydon > Financial Difficulty