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Property Cash BuyerLooking to sell your house fast? Quick Move Now, the UK’s leading property cash buyers, has over £6 million available to directly buy residential properties across England and Wales!

Selling your house to a property cash buyer, like Quick Move Now is completely different to selling your property on the traditional open market.

Benefits of selling your house to a property cash buyer:

Speed: Timescale is the biggest difference when selling you home directly to a property buyer. Quick Move Now can buy houses in as little as 7 days if required. The real benefit is you’re in complete control of the completion date, something you could never achieve on the open market!

We think you’ll be surprised by the time you could save by selling your house to a property cash buyer rather than through the traditional method of an estate agent.

Guaranteed house sale: Once you’ve accepted our formal offer, your house sale is guaranteed, meaning you don’t have to worry about your property chain breaking, or the house sale falling through.

No house viewings: As you are selling directly to Quick Move Now, there’s no need for endless house cleans as you prepare for property visits.

No estate agents involved: Selling directly to Quick Move Now eradicates the need for an estate agent. This means no more chasing for regular updates and most importantly, no estate agent fees to pay!

We cover your legal fees: As part of our home buying service, Quick Move Now cover the cost of your legal fees and pay for your EPC.

Who can use property cash buyers?

Anyone selling a house can use a property cash buyer! There’s a misconception that only people in desperate situations like those facing repossession or divorce use cash home buyers. In actual fact, over 40 per cent of our customers use our property buying service because they have previously failed to sell on the open market and don’t want to miss out on their onward house purchase.

Because companies that buy property pay below market value, a cash home property buyer is only right for you if your need to move is more important than the price you achieve from the sale of your property. Quick Move Now do not work to a set discount, instead each property we buy is assessed on its own individual merit. We always make the best offers possible based on property and local market conditions.

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What’s the process of selling your home to a property buyer, like Quick Move Now?

The process of selling your house directly to Quick Move Now is simple; we directly buy properties for cash at a discounted rate, in return for a speedy and guaranteed house sale.

Step 1: Tell us about the property you are looking sell

Step 2: Quick Move Now research your property to obtain a property value

Step 3: Quick Move Now provide you will a formal cash offer for your property, which you can choose to accept or simply walk away. There is never any obligation at any point of our home buying process!

Step 4: Exchange of contracts and completion.

How to make sure you are selling your home to a genuine property cash buyer

With are so many companies online all claiming to be property cash buyers, it can be difficult to know who to use and more importantly, who’s genuine?!

To avoid getting scammed, there are general rules you can follow to make sure you are dealing with a company that will actually buy your house and not just sell on your details or tie you into an unfair contract.

Before deciding to sell your property to a cash home buyer, we advise you do the following:

  • Finances: Look at their company accounts online to make sure they have the financial to buy your house
  • Reviews: Look at their reviews. Are they regulating buying houses based on their reviews? Have their customers had good experiences with them?
  • Avoid contracts: Never sign a contract unless you know fully what you are getting in to! There are lots of organisations that try to tie you into an option agreement which tie you in to that particular seller for a set period of time.
  • Never pay any fees: A genuine cash home buyer would never ask you for any fees! At the end of the day, professional property buyers pay at a discount to the open market value, you should never be asked to pay fees on top of this discount!

Read our full in-depth guide to make you avoid cash house buyer scams

The most important thing to remember when selling a house is; it’s your property, your sale and your future! Look into all your options thoroughly and ask lots of questions to make sure you opt for the service which is most beneficial for you!

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