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Our mission is to provide you with a fair price for your property, while offering a service that is second to none.

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As a business, it is impossible for us to pay full market value for your home. However, we are uniquely placed to guarantee a sale on the date you need. We’ve helped more than 6,000 homeowners by providing a quick and guaranteed property sale, and each one decided that the benefits of our service made it worth accepting a discounted sale price.

How much do we pay?

Property buying companies offer an alternative to selling via an estate agent, for homeowners who need a quick or guaranteed sale. A genuine cash home buyer will always pay below market value, in exchange for a no-risk, guaranteed house sale, where YOU are in complete control of timescales!

At Quick Move Now, we pride ourselves on being totally honest and transparent about the prices we pay.

£150,000 example asking price Selling to Quick Move Now Selling through Estate Agent
Average agreed sale price £127,500 £144,000
Estate agent fee £0.00 £4,320
Solicitor fee £0.00 £1,000
Estimated bills* £0.00 £1,400
Estimated mortgage payments** £0.00 £3,250
Time off work to liaise with EAs and solicitors *** £0.00 £432
Net price achieved £127,500 £133,598

*Based on average 5 month selling process
**Based on £140,000 mortgage over 25 years – £650 per month
***Based on average daily wage £108 – 4 days off


We can pay up to 85% of full market value, with our current average offer being at 82.5%. The discount we apply is not fixed. We assess each property on an individual basis and always offer the highest amount we can.

Any company claiming to buy at 90% and upwards is not a genuine buyer, as it is not possible to cover costs at this level. Instead, they’re likely to be acting as a broker or lead generator for an estate agency.

Because the quick house sale industry is not regulated, it can be hard to establish who the genuine companies are. Currently, we believe there are only 3 companies in the UK who buy properties directly.

Find out if you are dealing with a genuine home buying company

Why Quick Move Now buy at a discount

Every business needs a margin, which means no company can buy a property for full market value. We do not charge fees for the service we provide, so we buy at a discount and look to make a profit on the resale. As a genuine home buying company, there are many overhead costs we need to take into consideration:

  • Every company has to pay an additional 3% stamp duty on top of the current rates for each band. For example on a £230,000 property we pay £9,000 to the government.
  • We cover all legal fees. This includes conveyancing for both parties.
  • Business overheads – as a genuine house buying company, Quick Move Now has an office, staff and advertising costs that need to be paid for with any profit we make.
  • Resale risk – Once we’ve purchased your property, we take on the risk of market fluctuation. If prices fall due to the economic or political situation, it is our issue.
  • Costs of ownership – All ongoing costs relating to ownership of the property are paid by Quick Move Now, including: maintenance, utilities, council tax, estate agent fees to re-sell the property, insurance and bank interest.
  • Renovation costs – Quick Move will manage and pay for any work that is required on the property.

Case study

Mr Smith approached us because he and his partner had found their dream new home but hadn’t sold their flat.

An independent valuation at £195,000 and a challenging resale environment meant that we were able to pay £162,000 (83% of market value). With our offer on the table, they were able to meet the developer’s tight timescales for completion and managed to negotiate a £20,000 discount on their new property. They also saved £5,000 on estate agent and solicitors costs. Within 3 weeks they had bought and moved into their new home, with none of the usual hassles and delays of selling on the open market. All for an £8,000 net cost.

Rhys Luke

We pride ourselves on the service we provide and we always look to beat any offer from a legitimate cash buyer. If you are looking at the quick sale route, let us make you an offer. We’ll quickly prove our home buying credentials, and will make you the best offer possible.

Rhys Luke, Purchasing Director

Transparency and honesty

As the UK’s original and largest home buying company, we pride ourselves on being totally transparent about what we do and how much we pay.

We understand that our home buying service won’t be right for everyone, but we are here as an option for those looking to achieve a guaranteed, fast house sale. We will only ever buy your property directly with our own cash funds. We will never sell your data onto third parties or tie you into a contract or option agreement.

We know that the level of our offer is an important part of your decision-making process, which is why we guarantee that our formal offer is made without any cost, obligation or “hard sell”. If the offer is not right for you, we completely understand, and you’re free to walk away at any point with no cost and no obligation.

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