The Ultimate Man Cave Ideas

ultimate man cave ideas

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s about that time of year when we pop our heads’ around the home office, venture into the deep, dark depths of the garage or knock on the door of ‘dad’s room’ and pull him out of his slumber.

After all, no matter what a man’s age, he simply needs a man cave, an area of the house in which he can disappear and work on his latest project, which often requires tools everywhere and a new piece of equipment.

And, because we’re celebrating Father’s Day this week at Quick Move Now, we thought what a perfect time it would be to celebrate the ‘man cave’ and have collected some of the ultimate man cave ideas. A house wouldn’t be a home without one, right?

In fact, just in time for Father’s Day, Quick Move Now are hoping to transform the image of the man cave. So, we’re announcing that it’s time to sort the old tools, lost keys, spare wheels, lawnmowers, bikes, old drum kit, bins etc. and make your man cave truly great.

At last!

Whether you are looking to revamp an existing man cave, transform an existing room of the house into a man cave or have just bought a new house and are yet to create your cave, take a look at the following ultimate man cave ideas from Quick Move Now.

Decide on a theme for your man cave

Deciding on a theme for your man cave is what will make the difference between a sophisticated, stylish man cave and an old boot room dedicated to dad.

Whether it’s his favourite sport, hobby, film, band, interior design trend, holiday location, TV programme, colour, pub or game, a clear theme can make for a much more tasteful and high-quality man cave.

Note: The theme must be the choice of the owner, it is no use another member of the family choosing the theme for the man cave, as the theme must represent the male that owns it (and not his wife, son, daughter, dog, mum, dad or otherwise!).

The ultimate man cave ideas:

You’ll find tons of man cave suggestions, across the internet, however, here’s our absolute favourite themes, with a Quick Move Now spin, of course!

Street theme

Brick wallpaper, spray painted photo frames, a Banksy wall sticker and vintage lamps can make for the ultimate street-themed man cave. You might even throw in some personal and tasteful graffiti, for your own personalised street-themed cave.

Street-themed man caves look best with dim light and make the perfect back drop for a snooker table, darts board and mini-bar, perhaps with illuminated spirit bottles, if you really want to push the boat out!

Nautical theme

Talking of boats, the man cave nautical theme puts a twist on sun, sea, beach huts and sand. We’re thinking anchors, ropes, white washed wood and old-style sea equipment. Wooden paddles make a great wall feature, for example, as well as images of old ships, boats and submarines. Include worn metal and wooden objects, and it will be like stepping into a cave of ship wrecked items. Perfect for men who are into the sea, boats and marine life.

We love the idea of a rope lamp, a maritime ship portal clock and an old-fashioned storm glass.

Bike these

Race bike, road bikes, TT bikes, motorbike, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, sports bike, tandem, trials bike and unicycles, a man cave is the ultimate space for bikes.

And gear cassettes, spare brake pads, track pumps WD40, handle bar tape, gear cable, spare carbon fibre wheels, TT bars, and the list goes on…

Throw in a few biking photos, stickers and perhaps even wallpaper into the mix, and you can’t get any theme much more biker-friendly. Whether he’s a Harley Davidson, hairy bikers sort-of guy or a Honda CBR racer, the bike theme for a man cave provides endless opportunities for an exciting, high-speed theme.

Political theme

(Just kidding!) A man cave is no place for politics, even with the general election still so fresh in our minds!

It is neither a place for: Flowers, soap, candles, the cat’s litter tray, the washing machine, the tumble dryer or old pushchairs/cots etc.

Sleek garage theme

If he’s an absolute lover of his car, perhaps he’s got a Jag, Audi or Mercedes and wants to park it inside the garage, you’ll need more shelving in your garage and a clear way to park. You may want to include head lights on the wall, and photos associated with your car, and other classic car items for a true touch of sophistication.

The ultimate man cave must-haves

Once you’ve decided on your theme and made your man cave perfect, and personal, there’s a few things that are essential to make your man cave complete! No matter what style, theme or size of your man cave, no man cave would be complete without:

·         A man cave sign with a man cave quote on the door, so that it is clear this room is indeed the man cave.

·         A poster of some kind. Whether it is an Iron Man flag, a vintage poster of his favourite rock band, or a festival he’s visited, a man cave needs at least one poster. And that’s fact.

·         DIY tools. They may take forever to find but they’re there. Somewhere.

·         Cloths, usually oil-stained, for the car, bikes, motorbikes and any other wheeled vehicle they’ve managed to squeeze in to their man cave.

·         An empty mug. Usually from a finished cup of tea or coffee. The mug is usually large with a few biscuit crumbs left in the bottom. Often collected from the cave, bravely by the (female) other half.


This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 12th June 2017
Last updated on 7th August 2018


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