Top tips for The Big Spring Clean

The Big Spring Clean

Every year most of us brace ourselves for The Big Spring Clean!

The lighter days make it easier to see areas that need tackling and looking forward to warmer summer months offer a little more motivation that you might feel on a cold, dark winter day.

Follow our top tips for the big spring clean to make your chores quicker, easier and less hassle.

Clean your stainless steel with less elbow grease:

Mix 1 teaspoon washing up liquid with top tap water.  Using a microfiber cloth apply the solution in small circular movements and rinse with warm water.  Dry immediately with a soft cloth to stop watermarks forming as it dries.

Take your fridge and freezer:

Remove fridge shelves and soak in warm soapy water.  Wipe down any surfaces that can’t be removed, including the doors and external surfaces.  Defrost your freezer regularly to ensure it remains as efficient as possible.

Get your washing machine running well and smelling fresh:

To refresh your washing machine, use a simple homemade disinfectant solution of 4 tablespoons of baking powder and ½ cup of vinegar.  Add the mixture to a hot wash and then run the machine through again to rinse 30-60 minutes after the cleaning wash.

De-grime your microwave the natural way:

Want to get your microwave sparkling? Simply put 1 cup of water in a large microwave-proof bowl, along with a chopped up lemon and several tablespoons of vinegar.  Turn your microwave on high for several minutes until the water boils and the door of the microwave steams up.  Leave to cool for 15 minutes and then simply wipe away your microwave grime.

Freshen up your garden furniture:

Warm weather will be with us before we know it! Get your garden furniture ready for the warmer summer months by washing it down with a warm solution of diluted washing up liquid and rinse with your garden hose before leaving to air dry or wipe down with a soft cloth.

De-grease your dishwasher:

Keep your dishwasher clean and smelling fresh by periodically running a hot cycle with white vinegar.  Simply put 1 cup of white vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher and run on a hot cycle.  If your dishwasher needs an extra bit of elbow grease you can also sprinkle a cup of baking soda in the bottom of the dishwasher and leave it overnight, before running a hot cycle the next morning.

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Published on 14th March 2017
Last updated on 9th August 2018

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