Thinking of relocating to Ireland?

relocating to Ireland

Thinking of relocating to Ireland? It’s unique charm has attracted countless people over the years to its shores.

Whether it’s in its beautiful landscapes, its vibrant cities or the warmth and friendliness of its people, many people are considering relocating to Ireland.

If you’re planning to move to Ireland, you’re going to be packing a variety of different objects which have to be packed in a certain way. If you’re wondering how best to do this then here’s some general advice to help get you started.

You should prepare for your packing weeks before your actual move day by getting all the materials you need. This shouldn’t just be boxes and crates but any kind of packaging and padding you can get.

So if you’re putting out a call to your family and friends to save any cardboard boxes they have, ask them as well to save any old newspapers they have as these will double-up as great cheap outer wrapping paper.

The more newspapers you have the better padding you can have. You can also scrunch the sheets up and place them between your precious household belongings.

If you receive any items in the post which are packaged in bubble wrap, save it for your removal day. Likewise ask your friends and family to keep theirs. Remember, you can also use towels as padding, so before you store them away for your move, think if you could use them for your packing.

Of course, you need to pay extra attention to fragile items. When wrapping your china, glassware and silverware, don’t use newspaper directly on them. The ink can stain them and give you extra work to do once you’re in your new home in Ireland. Use clean paper as the first wrapping and then you can use newspaper as the outer layer.

When you’re packing china and glassware, put adequate padding in the bottom of the carton and then put flat pieces of china and glassware such as large plates as the bottom layer.

Needless to say each item should also be wrapped in clean paper and newspaper. Also use crushed newspaper again as a cushion all round your items which will provide extra padding.

This includes the top of your plates which can prevent the edges of items being broken. Then, as you fill up the boxes, use smaller items such as saucers and bowls. Wrap these items with the same care and consideration you wrapped the bottom layer of items.

You can also pack china such as shallow soup bowls against the well-padded sides. Wrap any lids you have such as sugar-bowl lids in tissue paper and turn them upside down on top of this bowl.

Then you can wrap both together tightly, as always with clean paper first then newspaper. Place jugs, sauce containers or any other similar items upright in your boxes.

Never put too many items in one box or you might not be able to carry them and you risk the box breaking. Overall, by taking care of your items when packing like this, it should mean your journey to Ireland should include a lot less breakages and in turn a lot less disappointments.

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Published on 25th November 2015
Last updated on 6th August 2018


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