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a snake found in the bath

Due to estate agent descriptions of the lived in conditions of the 3 bedroom, terraced property we had just purchased in Gateshead, in particular the detritus of dogs, cats, reptiles and tarantulas, Quick Move Now arranged for a ‘clean and clear’ company to visit the property to ensure it was safe and clean to advertise on the market.

The company was used to dealing with dirt and mess, but not so much used to dealing with snakes! Yes, that’s right, a snake – a 1m Royal Python, no less.

The first Quick Move Now knew of this was when we took a panicked call from the cleaners saying that the neighbour from next door had just been round in a state of shock as he’d discovered the snake in his bath tub.

Needing to act quickly, we tried calling the previous owners – no reply, so then we tried the RSPCA – not interested! Finally, we were able to get hold of a snake wrangler, who for a call out fee, would go round and sort it all out.

Or not quite… when the wrangler arrived, he found the snake had been burnt and had mouth rot and didn’t hold out much hope for its chances of survival. He also found skins shed by other snakes and there was a bit of a worry as to whether they were still in situ. It appeared that our snake in the bath had eaten all the tarantulas though!!!

With the python dispatched to the vets, the search for other creatures began in earnest and luckily, nothing else was found.

After an examination, the vet was confident that he could save the snake and Quick Move Now offered to pay the bill if the owners couldn’t be found. We figured it was the least we could do for the poor thing after all it had been through. We were slightly worried about the prospect of what to do with it afterwards though – we didn’t think an ‘office snake’ would be a very popular pet?!

Luckily, we eventually managed to get hold of the owners and the snake is happy and well, living with them in their new house.

We never did get an explanation as to why they didn’t think to tell us or their neighbours that there was an escaped python on the loose though…!

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This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 7th July 2014
Last updated on 19th April 2017


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