Selling property to a home buyer is soaring – find out why!

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We take a look at why those who need to make a quick move are turning to the services of a home buyer, and show you how to make sure you are using a reputable one.

The number of monthly searches on Google for the term ‘home buyer’ rose by almost 20% between 2010 and 2011 and early indications for 2012 show that they have risen by the same amount again.

Why are home buyers becoming more popular?

  • The continuing difficulty of the housing market.

It is not breaking news to report that many factors are combining to create difficulty for vendors trying to sell property. Finding a buyer able and willing to proceed is a challenge due to inflated estate agent valuations, restricted mortgage lending and a lack of confidence in the market.

  • Industry perception is changing.

The leading home buyers have been able to disprove the stereotypes created by ‘cowboy’ or ‘rogue’ companies who do not buy property themselves. “A bit different”, some may say, “a quirky choice”… yet something within the service home buyers provide must be working for vendors.

  • Sellers are becoming more aware of the alternatives.

Gone are the days when an estate agent or an auction are the only options for homeowners wishing to sell! Today’s sellers don’t just accept the state of play; they research alternatives and take control of their situations. Furthermore, they have the technology and tools at their disposal to make change happen.

Speaking on the surge of enquiries that this interest has generated for the UK’s leading homebuyer, Danny Luke, Business Manager for Quick Move Now, comments

The challenges and delays of the housing market over the past few years have meant that many homeowners wishing to sell had to put their dreams and plans on the backburner as they felt it was impossible to sell their house. Now that people are realising there is another option which gives instant peace of mind and takes away all the hassle of trying to sell in a difficult market, they are keen to take advantage of it.

Home buyers offer an innovative solution for vendors keen to sell. With the right company, there are no fees to pay, no delays and no hassle. A cash offer means a definite sale and vendors are given control over the timescales along with a service tailored to suit their individual needs, something impossible to replicate on the open market. All uncertainties are removed to enable a quick and trouble-free purchase but the question remains…

How do I make sure the home buyer I use is reputable?

There are many homebuyers on the market who do not hold cash reserves and after making an offer for your property will then attempt to secure a mortgage or even find an investor in order for the purchase to go through – with NO guarantee of success. In order that you avoid this type of company, there are three simple things to check…

  • Does the company have a 24 hour cash guarantee?
  • Has the company been trading for over 10 years?
  • Are there satisfied customers willing to share their experience of working with the company on a reviews page?

More and more homeowners are realising that using home buyers can work and are exploring their service to see what it can offer for them. Research well though and make sure you find a reputable one!

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 8th March 2012
Last updated on 22nd May 2019


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