The how to sell your house quickly checklist

You need to sell your house quickly and you believe it is ready to be put onto the market. Have you covered everything? Could there be something you’ve missed? Follow the Quick Move Now checklist to sell your house fast and you can’t go wrong!

Decide if you want to sell your house with a high street or online estate agent

Find an agent that you are comfortable with and you have confidence in. If you need more information about estate agents, view our recent blog on high street vs. online estate agents – this blog covers the advantages and disadvantages of each type of agent.

Get your home ready

Make sure you clean and tidy your property throughout, and where possible, make small cosmetic touches this will increase the value. If a room needs painting, or you need to retouch an exterior wall, then it is well worth the time and small expense to make your house more appealing and saleable.

Set your home selling price

Your estate agent will analyse the value of comparable houses in your area and undertake a valuation of your property in order to help you establish a realistic asking price.

Choose a good buyer

You may think that the one who offers you the highest amount will be a good buyer, but this is not always the case. They might not have secured a mortgage offer or sold their existing property. The safest buyers are:

  • Mortgage agreed
  • Cash buyers
  • Investors
  • Those not in a chain

Establish an agreed completion date

Agree a completion date as soon as you can with the buyer. This way, you both have something to work towards. If you know when everything needs to be completed by, for example in 12 weeks’ time, and inform your solicitor (they will also inform the buyer’s solicitor), everyone has the same timetable and delays will be prevented.

Understand the paperwork

When receiving any legal documents that don’t make sense, or that you disagree with, you should get in contact with your solicitor immediately. Any changes or alterations could cause delays so it’s in your best interest to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

Keep in touch

Make sure all correspondence gets to you by ensuring that your solicitor has the correct and most up to date contact information. It’s a good idea not to plan any holidays until after you’ve completed.

If you follow this checklist, you should be able to sell your house quickly. You can find more information and tips on how to sell your house fast on the Quick Move Now website.

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 29th October 2012
Last updated on 20th April 2017


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