Spring clean your way out of the winter blues

Make your home a bigger, brighter place to be with a thorough spring clean. We may still be in the grip of winter, but even so, now is a great time to think about having a spring clean.

While stuck indoors, shielding yourself from the unseasonably cold March weather, why not keep busy by giving your home a thorough clear out.

It will not only help you shift those winter blues, but can make your home a bigger and brighter place to live.

Make sure you take the opportunity to throw things you no longer need out. There are lots of things you can do with all the items you decide you no longer need after your bout of spring cleaning.

Ebay, Free Cycle, car boot sales and charity shops will happily help you shift the excess stuff and you may even make some money!

Making sure you work through your home methodically, cleaning out one room at a time, will help ensure you don’t just move stuff from one room to another too!

Undoubtedly, a clear out leads to uncovering memories, but try not to spend too much time looking over every item otherwise you will find your spring clean takes until next spring and you will not have freed up any extra space in your home at all!

Here we offer one great top tip for keeping each room in your home tidy and clutter-free after your clear out…


  • Put all packets of food into a basket so you know where they are and they don’t get ripped

Sitting room

  • Keep a small wicker basket under your coffee table for your remote controls and electrical chargers, so you always know where they are. Label the different camera, phone and tablet chargers so you know exactly what they are for.


  • Stick a simple magnetic strip on the inside of a cabinet to keep tweezers and scissors on


  • Put a hook inside your wardrobe door to hang all your handbags on

Childs room

  • Hang a net or mesh hammock from the ceiling to store all your child’s cuddly toys in.

Keep an eye on the Quick Move Now blog in the coming weeks for our guide to the best ways to get rid of all the old items you have decided to clear out in your spring clean.

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 25th March 2013
Last updated on 9th August 2018


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