How to sell your house, which way is best?

how to sell your house

How to sell your house – Selling your house is a big deal. No matter what your reasons for selling, moving to a new house initiates a major change in your life.

For those simply looking for a change of scene, moving to a new house can be an enjoyable process that needn’t feel pressured, particularly when the move is conducted in the right way.

However, other issues, like going through divorce, relocating abroad, or planning retirement, can leave people with feelings of anguish when moving properties.

As experts in the property market, Quick Move Now have put together a few tips about how to sell your house and which way is best in the following guide:

How to sell your house – different methods

Instruct an estate agent

Estate agents, quite literally, hold the key to many doors and are, therefore, often successful in finding any potential buyers for your property, as well as helping you to find your new home.

Estate agents will guide you every step of the way when selling your house and can provide you with a property valuation, organise any viewings, help in negotiations and support in any situations that arise once you have a buyer in place.

That said, when selling your house with an estate agent, it is important that you consider estate agents will indeed be taking a particular percentage of the property’s sale price and, therefore, have a vested interest to sell properties quickly and for the maximum value possible. It is, as a result, worth considering negotiating with your estate agent.

Private sale

You may choose to sell your house privately, face-to-face with your buyer to avoid any estate agency fees.

When selling your house privately, make sure you list the property on a property website, featuring energy rating, a strong description and good-quality photos. You’ll also need to value your property at what price you think its worth.

It is important to consider that when selling your home privately, that you’ll need to set time aside to arrange viewings, negotiate the price and accept an offer, without the intermediary of an estate agent.

Selling at auction

It is generally understood that properties that fail to sell through an estate agent get sent to auction and can be bought, as a result, at a bargain price.

That said, although many properties that go to auction have indeed failed to sell for a fairly long period of time through an estate agent, it can still be the case for some owners to find selling at auction preferable.

Perhaps you own a second home and would like to free up some money quickly, or are managing the property of a deceased relative? In any of these cases, you may want to consider an auction as the best way of selling your house.

Selling to a cash house buyer

A cash house buyer, like Quick Move Now, offer similar advantages to selling at auction since it enables you to sell your house quickly and offers the added benefit of no hassle or stress.

This is because cash house buyers, like Quick Move Now, can deal with the legalities, like conveyancing and contracts involved with buying a house, at an expert level, taking the worry and responsibility away from you.

What’s more, further advantages that cash house buyers like Quick Move Now offer over an auction, is that you will have more time to think about how much you would like to sell your house for.

Ultimately, in an auction atmosphere, there is an uncertainty on the price your house will sell for, and your house will ultimately sell at the final bidder’s offer.

On the other hand, when selling with a cash house buyer, we will offer you what we think your property is worth and you will have time to reflect on our offer before you agree to anything.

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 17th May 2017
Last updated on 9th August 2018


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