Self Storage – A Clutter Busting Alternative

Whether you’re about to relocate your home or indeed your business, or you are simply attempting to de-clutter a room for more space, then a self storage unit maybe exactly what you are looking for.

Self Storage is fast becoming a popular choice for many of us in the UK, offering a fully secure and fully protected way to store our unused furnishings, boxed items or things that we may not have a present use for.

With more people choosing to convert traditional storage areas in the home like garages and loft spaces into usable and highly valuable living space, self-storage units free up space, while keeping your possessions easily accessible.

The most appealing factors of a self storage facility are their flexibility, versatility, and easy accessibility. Once you have chosen your preferred site and signed with the company who operate it you should be able to use your purchased space straight away, and in most cases, have access to it seven days a week.

Design is a key factor in most self-storage facilities too, with well-lit aisle ways big enough to easily transport those bigger and bulkier items up and down. Trolleys and pallet lifts provide extra assistance to those who may be on their own and require a simple set of wheels to comfortably move their stored items to and from their vehicle.

As you’re the only person with access to your storage unit, you can be confident that your possessions will be exactly where you left them the next time you come to visit. All self-storage facilities should be alarmed (security, fire & smoke), with many offering on-site security and 24 hour CCTV.

The one thing self-storage cannot protect against is dust, and so should you be leaving your goods for a long period of time you may wish to either cover them over or box them up. For an additional one off cost most self storage receptions/help desks have an array of different size boxes and tape guns to effectively secure your belongings within. Boxing up your possessions will also make it easier when it comes to moving your items back to your property or to another location.

The simple and most obvious thing that stands out about a room in a self-storage facility is that no matter how big or small it is it is essentially yours to do with as you please for the permitted time in which you lease it for.

Despite the fantastic way in which most self-storage facilities are secured, you must ensure that all of the belongings you store are insured before you decide to pay for the use of a storage room (the more reputable self-storage companies should offer you some type of insurance cover). Everyone loves a neat and tidy home or working office space, so with rooms from ten square feet to well beyond five hundred square feet, what’s not to love about Self Storage – the hassle-free, clutter busting alternative!

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 21st December 2015
Last updated on 15th August 2018


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