The perfect housewarming gift | Inspiration from Quick Move Now

Your friend has just moved into their perfect home and the housewarming party is about to begin. Finding the perfect house warming gift to match can be difficult, so Quick Move Now is on hand with some ideas…

Taking a nod from traditional Chinese gifts can be a good place to start. Steeped in history, these meaningful offerings represent your specific wishes.

Salt is a favourite Chinese housewarming present – it means you hope the recipient will always have spice in their life and likewise, giving candles means you hope there will always be light. Both of these products are available in a wide range to suit your budget – from the most basic, to gourmet flavoured salt and hand made candles.

But be sure to avoid clocks, books, umbrellas and the colour black, which are all seen as unlucky.

By choosing something simple, such as a cheese or fruit platter, you are also negating the worry of duplicates. You can never have too much cheese and wine, after all!

Plants and flowers are always a welcome addition to any home too and a vase or plant pot for the garden, if they have one, is also a good choice.

Other interesting gifts that will certainly raise a smile from the new homeowner include a doormat, house plaque or key rack. With so many companies now selling personalised and traditional gifts, finding an online stockist to create a plaque to suit your friend’s taste should be no problem at all.

Games – and not the computer variety – are another unique contribution to come armed with, and one that could be used to really get the festivities going as well.

There are certain gifts that it really isn’t cool to bring to the party though. As hard as it is to believe, some people have actually arrived at their friend’s new home with a pet tucked neatly under their arm!

Unless agreed with your pal, a pet is definitely a present to avoid taking to a housewarming. If you want to remain friends with the recipient that is!

Other ideas to steer clear of include novelty items that will just clutter up the new home and will never be used. Novelty aprons, with pictures of a variety of barbecued meats or stockinged legs, or shot glasses, may raise a giggle on the night, but will undoubtedly get thrown into the back of the cupboard, never to emerge again.

Although most definitely useful, a box of bleach, toilet rolls and a feather duster is also one to steer clear of. Your friend may think you are hinting that you think their new home needs a really good clean!

Stick to something simple and heartfelt and you can’t go wrong. And of course, make sure you enjoy the party!

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 14th October 2013
Last updated on 20th April 2017


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