Pack up your unpacking troubles


There are many reasons why relocating can be stressful. Whether you are moving house to somewhere completely new, or just moving down the road, uprooting from one location to another is tricky. One thing that makes it particularly difficult is the day after moving day – unpacking day.

Unpacking can be incredibly chaotic– you can be left surrounded by hundreds of boxes labelled ‘miscellaneous’ or ‘kitchen stuff’ and no clue what is in them or where they should really be. Having no structure to your unpacking can take its toll and turn the whole move in to a negative experience.

However, preparation is key and there are some very simple steps that you can take to make your unpacking much easier. Happy packing makes for happy unpacking! Try a few of these tips to turn your unpacking chaos in to a smooth operation:

Make lists of your necessary belongings:
Before you even start packing, make a list of your essentials. Visit each room in your house, and using the room name as a heading, make a list of all the essential furniture and items in that room. This will already give you some structure to the packing process by categorising items. An important part of this that can really help when you are unpacking is ordering the items by how often you use them, or how essential they are to daily life.

Map out your new place:

Once you have your list of belongings, create a floor plan of your new property.
Work out where you want to put your furniture and which smaller items will go where. This process will let you see what you really need to take with you, or if you need to get anything new for the move.

Pack sensibly:

When it comes to actually packing, use a system and stick to it. Pack room by room, and pack the items that appear together on your floor plan in the same removal boxes. When labelling boxes, don’t use ambiguous labels. For example, instead of labelling a box of books as ‘books’, write ‘books to go in living room’ or ‘books for the bedroom.’ Always put the name of the room the items are going to be moved in to on the label.

Unpacking day:
It goes without saying that unpacking day will be the most difficult part, but if you stick to the plans you’ve made then it should be easier. Regardless of whether you are using a moving company or a man with a van, or getting friends to help you, these steps will still all work. First of all, move the bigger furniture in to the rooms you had planned it to go in. If there is any re-arranging to do, do it now before you unpack everything else.

Put boxes in the rooms they are labelled with. When it comes to unpacking the boxes, do it in order of the priority you gave them in your earlier list.

This means that things that are essential to your daily life will be unpacked first and ready to use, even if you don’t manage to unpack everything all at once, because let’s face it, who has the energy after moving day to do that!

By putting just a little extra effort into packing, you can make your entire moving experience less stressful, and be more organised when you move to your new property. Happy packing!

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 24th November 2015
Last updated on 6th August 2018


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