Need to sell your house quickly? Don’t use an estate agent!

The popularity of using a home buyer to sell a house fast has soared over the past two years, silencing the critics and challenging the long-held and outdated belief that the only way to sell property is through an estate agent.

With regular stories of it taking up to two years to sell using an estate agent, and with an average of three price drops and 40% difference between the initial asking price and eventual selling price, it is no wonder that vendors are shopping around.

  • So, what is a home buyer?
  • How popular is using one?
  • Why is this happening?
  • And how do you make sure you use a good one?

What is a home buyer?

The term ‘home buyer’ is a name given to a company that invests in residential property. They can buy your house quickly (in as little as seven days), efficiently and with a minimum of hassle, and the trade-off for this is that it will be at slightly less than the full market value.

If you are happy to wait on the market in order to try and get the highest possible price for your house, this service is not right for you. But if you need a quick sale, or one with no stress or worry, it is worth its weight in gold.

How popular is the home buyer service?

The graph and figures below show how the trend in searches for the term ‘home buyer’ in Google in the UK has been increasing steadily, particularly in the first quarter of 2013.

Annual trend in Google searches for ‘home buyer’ in the UK

  • Up 22% in 2012
  • Up 68% in 2013

In what situations do home buyers help?

The majority of people who use the service of a home buyer are those who want to move for positive reasons:

  • To enable them to buy their dream home
  • To move on from a relationship breakdown
  • To relocate (usually for work)
  • To move to a retirement property

To find out more, watch this short video explaining a bit more about the scenarios in which a home buyer can help. PLAY: Top reasons to sell your house to a home buyer

Why are home buyers becoming more popular?

  • The continuing difficulty of the housing market
  • Industry perception is changing
  • Sellers are becoming more aware of the alternatives
  • Home buyers offer an innovative solution for vendors keen to sell

How do you choose a good home buyer?

Here are some top tips which will help when choosing and using a property buying company:

  • Ask if the company purchases with cash funds or if it uses mortgage finance and investors. It is only cash buyers who will be able to offer a truly secure and quick sale.
  • Ascertain whether the company handles and funds all the legalities
  • Ask how flexible the completion dates are and how much control you have over them.
  • Make sure any offers you request come free of charge and with no obligation
  • Take your time when considering the final offer and ensure you obtain answers to any questions you may have

quickmovenow Logo.jpgQuick Move Now is the UK’s leading home buyer, offering a quick, secure and hassle-free house sale. Our experienced team, efficient processes and substantial cash reserves enable us to make immediate purchases, so you can sell your house quickly and move on with your life.

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 8th April 2013
Last updated on 20th April 2017


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