Moving House? Top Packing Tips

packing tips for moving house

Our packing tips for moving house have been hand picked to make your next move as easy as possible!

When it comes to moving house, it’s often difficult to know where to start, that why we have put together this comprehensive guide packing tips for moving house.

Whether you’re moving from an eight bedroom property or a one bedroom flat, this guide is designed to make your sure your house move is as stress-free as possible.

Packing Tips For Moving House – Do It Yourself (DIY) vs. Hiring A Removal Company

One of the first decisions to be made when moving house is whether you do it yourself or pay for the services of a house removal company?

There are so many variables with each home move, that it is not possible to draft a house moving checklist that would be suitable for every household. A move that worked well for one household wont necessarily be right for another.

Moving companies are great. They are an effective and efficient way to move house, they take care of everything for you and they can take a lot of stress out of the whole situation.

Here’s the thing though – you’ve just borrowed money from the bank and saving is now your priority, not spending more money! Not a problem – For a cheaper option, you could just opt to move the entire house yourself!

How much do removal companies cost?

If you are going for the wise choice and hiring a professional moving company, you will need to find and research them in advance. Don’t just settle for the first removal firm you find, look around, ask for recommendations from family and friends and read online reviews.

Using a comparison site to get competitively priced quotes could be a good place to start. House removal costs will vary greatly depending on distance of travel and volume of belongings.

Start preparing for your ‘moving day’ in advance

Moving house can be one of the most stressful of life experiences, but with a bit of forward planning and organisation, you can avoid the common mistakes that cause extra stress.

It’s all about thinking ahead, getting things in order and doing as much as possible ahead of time, so there are no last minute panics!

Things to do in advance of moving day:

As easy as it is to put off the packing process, getting stuck into it as early as possible will help all house movers further down the line.

Start as early as possible because the closer your moving date gets, the more stressed and busy you will become, so it’s always good to get ahead of the game.

Get confirmation of your moving date

Once the sale has been agreed, try to obtain a completion date from your solicitor.

Your completion date will not be set in stone until you exchange contracts, but it’s good to get a rough idea before you start planning you actual move.

Start to declutter your belongings

Nothing is worse than arriving at your new home and having to unpack loads of useless stuff that you’ve managed to collect over the years.

As soon as your you put your house up for sale you should start thinking about what you want to take with you and what you want to get rid off.

Read our dedicated guide on how to declutter your home, for some of the best hints, tips and life-hacks.

Earn some extra money from unwanted items

As you work methodically through each room, you are going to stumble across items that haven’t seen the light of day for many years.  This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of any old bits and bobs that are still lying around.

Box all these unwanted items up and either get them ready for your local car boot sale or try on online auction site like ebay.  Not only will you get a great sense of satisfaction once you’ve cleansed your clutter, but you might even have some extra money in your pocket!

Any items you don’t manage to sell, you can always donate to your local charity shop.

Pack non essential items

A large percentage of our household items aren’t used very often. Objects like Books, DVDs, out of season clothes and ornaments can easily be packed away in advance and not be missed!

Prioritise rooms to be packed away

There are going to be certain rooms in the house that are used less often, so try to start here when planning your packing. Spare rooms, studies and storage rooms are always a good starting point as you can box up any items that you won’t need until you have moved.

Things like Christmas decorations and garden tools (if moving in the summer) are ideal for packing away first.

Try to pack one room at a time; this will allow you to thoroughly pack all of the items in each room, organising all of the boxes for the removal companies and making it much easier for you when it comes to the unpacking.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage, you could start storing packed boxes there, to keep them out of the way, however, if you are struggling with space you could always opt to use a storage container in the short term to store your packed belongings.

Organise your packing boxes and materials

Get as much packing material ready and ensure you store it somewhere that’s easily accessible, so you can start doing little bits of packing when you get a spare moment. You’re going to need a lot of cardboard boxes, bubble wrap roll, tape, labels and old newspapers so picking these up along the way will help immensely, not only with time but cost too

A huge benefit of using a home removal company is that they supply all the packing boxes and materials you will need for your house move. But don’t worry if you are planning on a DIY house move; we have some helpful tips on where you can go to find free cardboard boxes if you ask nicely:

Local businesses (industrial estate are good to approach)
Local shops 
Larger supermarkets
Friends and family 

Even if the above don’t have spare to give you on the spot, they might be willing to keep any discarded old cardboard boxes and packaging materials they would normally throw? If you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

Things to do a week or two before moving day:

Start notifying everyone of your new details

There will be quite a few people you will need to contact in the run up to your move to advise then of your change of details. These could include:

Energy supplier
Utility companies 
Broadband / TV supplier / landlines and mobiles 
Home / car / life insurance companies
Banks / building societies
Magazine subscriptions / clubs etc
Doctors / Dentists / Pets Vets etc

They’ll be able to tell you the process of switching your accounts to your new address. Although time consuming, this is normally a simple process and is just a case of taking meter readings etc. There are even online companies that offer a change of address service, where you can notifiy over 1500 organisations about your new address details online.

Make sure you also tell your friends and family of your new address. These ‘we’ve moved’ cards are a cute way to let your loved ones know.

Packing tips for the rest of the house

Label your cardboard boxes

This is going to be essential in ensuring the fluidity of your move and will also help your removal company immensely. Label each box clearly with what contents are inside and what room they belong to – this will make it far easier when it comes to unloading the boxes from the removal van at the other end, and with the individual unpacking later on.

Pack heavy items in small boxes

It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget when you have a million and one other things to consider. Packing this way, means you’ll be lifting more safely. The last thing you need is to put your back out on moving day!

Keep all your important documents in one safe place

We recommend keeping all of your important documents like passports, birth certificates etc. in one box and leave with someone for safe keeping (maybe at a loved ones house). This means you know exactly where they are if you need them and there’s no risk of them being left behind or getting packed away.

Things to do a day or two before moving day:

Fridges and freezers

Make sure you unplug items like fridges and freezers a day or two in advance of moving day. This will give you a chance to thoroughly defrost the units and throw out any old food.

Pack a first night essential box

It’s sometimes the most simplest that bring us the most joy! Ensure the kettle, teabags and toilet roll are close to hand ready for move day!

Clean your house before you leave

Although not a legal requirement, it’s polite not to leave your house dirty for the new occupants.  Just like you want to move into a nice, clean new home, the same is probably true for your buyers.

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Published on 29th February 2016
Last updated on 25th June 2019

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