More Brits looking to move overseas: How will you sell?

looking to move overseas

One of the reasons people look for a quick house sale is so they can chase their dream and move to their ideal home, and it appears more and more Brits across the country will be looking to do just that in the next few months with a move overseas.

Is now the right time for you to sell up and move overseas, and what will be the best way to sell your house quickly in order to make sure you can chase the dream and move to your perfect home overseas?

Is it time to move?

For Brits who are looking to move overseas, it’s important to make sure that the time is right to do so. In 2014, demand from British homeowners for homes in other nations was high, and it seems that this will continue to be the reality throughout 2015 as the pound continues to be strong against the euro.

When the pound performs well against the single currency, it makes sense for Brits to invest in the continent. A weaker euro allows you to get much more for your money, and you may find yourself able to get your hands on your dream home for a much better price than you would have otherwise expected.

Home Hunts, which produced an outlook for 2015 in foreign markets such as France, Germany, Monaco, Switzerland and the US, said that the number of Brits who purchased overseas really started to pick up throughout May and June 2014 as the pound strengthened. It believes that this momentum will continue into next year.

Tim Swannie, director of Home Hunts said;

We expect confidence to slowly continue growing in 2015 as people discover the flexibility of prices.

The French General Elections in 2017 is likely to result in a change of government and savvy investors are taking advantage of the current favourable buying conditions to reap rewards later, I expect to see 2015 remain buoyant for Brits buying in foreign markets.

When will be the best time to buy, though?

Home Hunts expects 2015 to show a similar overall trend to 2014, so this should see the market start to gather pace early in the summer. For Brits looking to get a good deal, that will mean moving quickly early in the year, before demand really starts to push prices across foreign markets higher and higher.

How will you sell?

When markets for buyers are as strong as Home Hunts suggests those favourable with Brits are at the moment, one unfortunate side effect is that it becomes harder to sell before moving.

As the number of British people looking to move overseas increases, the volume of homes coming to market also grows, and this can make it harder to find a buyer.

If you are looking to be able to move quickly in the new year, it can be frustrating to have to wait for someone to come along to purchase your home, but there are ways around this.

For those who simply want the chance to move on with their life without hassle, moving overseas and enjoying living the dream, one fantastic option is to sell your house quickly to Quick Move Now.

It allows you the chance to complete the sale in just seven days, giving you the freedom to take that big step and move overseas without delay.

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Published on 30th November 2014
Last updated on 9th August 2018


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