Sell your own home: Making proper use of online portals

sell your own home

When you are trying to sell your own home, knowing how the market is currently looking can be one way to put your property up for sale

However, that is only the first hurdle that you need to overcome, with the process of getting the right strategy to sell your own home being more vital than anything else.

What you need to in order to sell your own home:

How are buyers behaving?

This is a question that all sellers need to be asking themselves. Where are people looking and how are they purchasing their properties? According to one report, the answer to both of these questions currently lies online.

According to one online estate agent, the rise in the number of people having access to the internet, particularly through their smartphones and tablet devices, has meant a growth in the volume of people searching and researching properties online. Its research showed that a staggering 98 per cent of people surveyed would say they use the web to research a home before they buy it.

This means that anyone who has not got their online presence right will suffer when it comes to finding a buyer. With all but two per cent of people primarily using the internet to find their next home, if you are not selling your property through a web-based portal, you are sure to be missing out on a large chunk of the market and will greatly reduce your own chances of success in the long run.

How to make the most of online platforms

Of course, it’s not all about just simply putting your property online and hoping for the best. Anyone who is looking to use this medium to sell their home will know that it needs to be able to attract buyers. Given that they have access to hundreds of listings in just seconds, you need to make sure yours stands out to get the best chance of success.

What should be the main focus for online adverts?

It’s impossible for the vast majority of us to make the perfect property ad online, but knowing where to focus when you are creating the marketing material for your home will be the best way to ensure that you have the best chance of success.

One online estate agent said that the first thing that the majority of people (67 per cent) will look at when they’re buying online will be the description of the property itself, so this should always be the first thing you seek to get right. The best way to give your home the perfect description is to be concise but knowledgeable. Talk up all the plus points of the property, sure, but don’t be too long winded about it or people will click out and look elsewhere.

By knowing who your home is most likely to appeal to, you can also position your home online for success. By using key phrases that people will be looking out for, you will catch their eye and give yourself the best chance of being able to find a buyer. For example, if you are looking to sell to a family, know what they are after.

Any mentions of being close to local schools and amenities as well as entertainment are likely to grab their attention. Similarly, if you are appealing to young professionals, mentions of the nearest train station, how far it is to the city centre and the quality of nightlife might all get them to view your home for real.

The research also said that some 36 per cent of people are using online listings to compare the property they want to others in the area in terms of price. This is something you can do as well to make sure you have pitched your own home at the right price point.

Need to sell your own home quickly?

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Published on 4th February 2015
Last updated on 21st August 2018

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