Are you wondering how to sell your house quickly and trying to puzzle your way through all the different advice on offer?

Fear not, help is at hand! Be open-minded, consider new ideas and look into what really works for you. Read on to find out what your options are, how you could benefit and what to watch out for!

After reading our useful guide, those thoughts of ‘How to sell your house quickly’ will be a thing of the past!

Long gone are the days when using an estate agent was the only option for house selling! With so many avenues to explore, it is important to find the right path for you.

Different methods of selling your house quickly:

VIA AN ESTATE AGENT Homeowners who need to achieve the highest possible price and have time to wait on a sluggish market. Advertisement by a good estate agent can give you an increased chance of finding a buyer who offers a higher price than anyone else: an experienced negotiator leads the process and tries to obtain the best offer because a higher offer for you means a better commission fee for them. Often the process is stressful and takes a long while due to a lack of buyers, mortgage difficulties and collapsing chains. The person who makes the highest offer isn’t always the person in the best position to complete on a sale.
THROUGH AN AUCTION HOUSE Homeowners who want exposure to as many viewers as possible. Property auction houses aim to find as many people as possible to view your home in order to spark a bidding war and increase the price obtained. Lots of properties go unsold, sales can fall through and any completions which are secured are subject to the usual delays of mortgage finance and the legal process.
ADVERTISING THE PROPERTY YOURSELF Homeowners who want complete control over the marketing of the property. If you feel confident in selling your own home, marketing the property yourself means regaining control over proceedings, avoiding the hassle and worry of putting your trust in an estate agent or auction house and evading the expense of paying their fees. Advertising a property yourself can be costly and the usual problems associated with trying to secure and keep a buyer right through to completion remain.
USING A HOME BUYER – HOW TO SELL A HOUSE QUICKLY Homeowners who need a quick, guaranteed sale and want to be in control of the timescales for completion. The quickest way to sell a house; a cash home buyers provide you with speed, convenience and certainty. A reputable home buying company has cash reserves so mortgage delays and collapsing chains are avoided; you choose the completion date and are then free to make your onward move. There is usually a 15-20% discount involved in exchange for the secure and hassle-free sale. But beware, not all cash home buyers are what they seem, read our blog on ‘how to sell your house quickly’ for what to watch out for.

Will considering new options help you to sell your house quickly?

It is easy to follow the crowd when you are trying to decide how to sell your house but you need to question whether house selling conventions are right for you and whether they will actually be beneficial. Here are three tips to help you sell your house:

Using an estate agent is the traditional way of selling a property and may still be the option which suits you the most. However, it is important not to feel pressured into signing a contract you are not happy with.

Make sure you are not tied in in ways which could hamper a sale to anyone else and bear in mind the small print of the contract before signing or allowing marketing to begin.

With the popularity of other methods of selling soaring, you have other options for securing a buyer and do not have to rely on tradition.

Home improvements can be an effective way of increasing property value and grabbing the attention of (and offers from!) potential buyers, but make sure you weigh up the pros and cons first.

Just because public belief is that a lick of paint will be beneficial for achieving a sale doesn’t mean it will work every time.

HSBC’s Home Improvement Survey found that a subdued property market and the inflated cost of materials mean less financial return from projects now than in previous years. Before outlaying any money, check the potential return and ensure it will be a benefit rather than an unrewarding expense.

One of the house selling tips currently circulating is: if you have been on the market for a long time struggling to sell, take the property off the market for a month and start again with a new price, new agent, or both.

In an unstable market, though, a break from marketing would not change the state of play, precious time will have been lost and the obstacles faced in the first place (a lack of buyers, mortgage finance difficulties and a one in three chance of a sale falling through) would still exist.

If your chosen method of selling isn’t working, change tack and try something new!

Remember, it is your house, your sale and your future! Look into all the options, question conventions and make sure you opt for the service which is most beneficial for you.

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Published on 13th January 2015
Last updated on 21st August 2018

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