How to make a video testimonial – the trials and tribulations!

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Little did the staff at Quick Move Now know when embarking on a customer review project with the aim of creating ONE video testimonial, that they would be launching their work to the public…six months and SIX videos later!

It has always been important to Quick Move Now to listen to its customers in order to find out what works and continuously improve its home buying service. Many customers had been sending in reviews and comments about our service and their thoughts inspired us to go one step further and commission a video.

Aim: travel the length and breadth of the country, film four customers and create a video in which they shared their experiences of selling to Quick Move Now.

First step: find times and dates suitable for each customer and each cameraman. Despite obstacles such as trips to the vet, appointments at the doctor and meetings with painters and decorators (and that was just the cameramen!), we found mutually convenient dates… three months later.

Second step: the filming. Imagine cameramen trekking all over the country, filming equipment in tow, having to adjust to film sets they had never encountered before – the customers’ homes. Picture the shock on one cameraman’s face when he went to plot his journey to the set and realised that the customer he would be filming had relocated to Scotland after selling to Quick Move Now.

It was not only the journeys that brought trepidation for the cameramen: the customers were not scripted. Turning up with camera in hand, the crew had no idea what their subjects would say or what would unfold. Luckily, all team members emerged unscathed, ready to face the next stage of the process.

Third step: Quick Move Now heaved a sigh of relief that all filming shoots went ahead on time and none of the cameramen they employed got lost en-route to Nottingham, St. Austell, Northampton or Birnie.

A change of plan! Quick Move Now thought that the situations its customers had been in and the experiences they shared were too significant to just be cut into one video so an extra four videos were commissioned to focus on the full, un-cut stories.

Fourth step: receive the raw footage andPANIC. Trialling a new filming angle which aimed to bring the subject in line with the viewer meant that the tops of our customers’ heads had been cut out of the shot. In addition, a fishing tackle case a customer had used as a feature in her décor looked like a sheathed gun hung above her head. Worry not, these problems were easily rectified and the editing team subsequently produced five perfect videos, free from weapon-like objects and carrying no risk of insulting customers whose mouths were, at one point, their only feature in shot.

Okay, so now we are up to five videos. “What about the sixth?” I hear you ask…

Fifth step: push the boat out and create another video! Our solicitor was keen to provide feedback about his working relationship with Quick Move Now so a filming session was arranged and a camera crew set off, this time for Bradley Stoke. A final video was created, detailing the relationship between Wards Solicitors and Quick Move Now and instilling confidence in customers that the legal process we use to back up our service and cash offers is also reliable and efficient.

So here we are, six videos later. You can watch the first video here. What do you think?

Lessons learnt!

Quick Move Now has put together some tips for anyone who may be considering taking the plunge into the weird and wonderful world of video testimonials:

  • Don’t EVER undertake video testimonial projects UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (only joking!)
  • Plan meticulously beforehand because however organised you think you are, think again.
  • Consider the size of your client base and locations of your customers before committing to such a project and roaming the country for days on end!
  • Find customers who don’t have full diaries and cameramen who work exceptionally long hours.
  • Prepare your cameramen and make sure they expect the unexpected whether that is epic, cross-country travel, unfamiliar film sets or unscripted subjects.
  • Before filming, assess the area and remove all suspicious objects including fishing tackle which looks like a gun on film.
  • Make sure ALL of your customer is in view at ALL times. Avoid chopping heads off, hiding hair behind logos and aiming the camera in a totally different direction altogether.
  • Choose an editing company on your doorstep so you don’t have to liaise via telephone and email. Better still, train in video editing yourself so that you realise your vision. They say if a job’s worth doing…
  • Sit back, hope your customers have positive things to say and cross your fingers for the finished article.

Quick Move Now would like to thank Brian Earle, Patricia Palmer-Harrington, Matt Higgs, Gloria Wakefield-Smith and Gary Hope for giving up their time to take part. We are glad that you value our service and hope everyone who watches the videos enjoys hearing your stories.

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 6th June 2012
Last updated on 20th April 2017


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