Small kitchen ideas – How to make a small kitchen look bigger

small kitchen ideas

Many of us dream of having a large, luxurious kitchen like the ones we see on television and in magazines.  Sadly, for most of us, the reality is quite different.

If you’re looking for small kitchen ideas on how to make a small kitchen look bigger, our top tips will show you how to maximise the space you have available.

Making a small kitchen look bigger:

Choose your appliances carefully

You may dream of a large, country-style range cooker, but if you’re limited on space you need to choose your appliances accordingly.  Most appliance manufacturers now offer fantastic ‘space saving’ ranges, including ovens, dishwashers, fridges and washing machines.  Smaller appliances will not only make your kitchen look bigger, they will also give you more storage and layout options.

Paint walls and cupboards similar colour

If you’re limited on space in your kitchen, it’s important to keep colour schemes light.  Another tip is to choose similar colours/complimentary tones for your walls and cupboards, as this will create an optical illusion of more space.

Use open shelves at eye level rather than closed cupboards

Much of our perception of space occurs at eye level, so it’s a great idea to replace your boxy top cupboards with open shelves.  You’ll need to be quite disciplined to ensure the shelves don’t become over-cluttered, but when done correctly, an open shelf draws the eye to the wall at the back of the shelves and makes the area feel more spacious.


Clutter is the enemy of any small space in your home.  This is especially true of kitchens where it’s easy for worktops to become overcrowded.  Good storage solutions in your kitchen are key to ensuring your worktops remain clutter-free.

Mirror splashbacks

It’s common for interior designers to use mirrors to give an illusion of more space, and it’s a great tip for decorating your kitchen.  Mirrored splashbacks will instantly make your kitchen feel bigger, but make sure you keep them smudge-free to maximise the impact.

Bonus tip: Consider opening up space if there’s potential

Each home has a different layout and different potential for future expansion or development.  If you’re really struggling with the size of your kitchen it might be worth considering whether you could extend.  Creating an open plan space maybe costly, but will ultimately add value to your property.

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