How to find out who owns a house?

how to find out who owns a house

Despite popular belief, it is, in fact, possible to find out who owns a house, even when you have no connection to the property.

For a small fee, property information like; who owns it, where the boundaries lay and whether it is at risk of flooding are all available through The Land Registry.

You can search for property information from HM Land Registry which is a straightforward and reliable means of finding out who owns a property in England and Wales.

If you would like to find out who owns a property in Scotland and Ireland, you’ll need to access a different land registry system.

To obtain any property ownership information from the HM Land Registry You will need a debit card and email address to conduct a search. This search will allow you to find out the following information regarding to that particular property:

  • who owns a property
  • what they paid for the property
  • if the property has a mortgage on it
  • where the property boundaries lay
  • whether the property is at risk of flooding

How much does it cost to find out who owns a property?

There is a small fee for the searches conducted to find out who owns a property. The fees are:

  • Title summary- £3 (including VAT)
  • Title register- £3
  • Title plan- £3
  • Flood risk indicator- £10.80 (including VAT)

A ‘title’ is essentially the owner’s rights to a property and by conducting a title search, a potential buyer is ensuring they know exactly what rights they are buying and what is not included in their purchase.

Although you can find out who owns a house, you can’t have an official copy of the property’s land register unless you can prove that you do own the property yourself.

Essentially, the property’s title deeds belong to the owner of the property and should not be obtained by other people.

However, if the property is not your house, then you may be wondering why there is any need at all to find out who the owner is and more details about the property. In fact, however, there are a few reasons why a person may need to find out who owns a house.

Why find out who owns a house?

The main reason for finding out who owns a house is probably associated with an intention to buy the property or a piece of surrounding land. You may also want to know if the house has been rented in the past.

Secondly, sometimes there can be complications associated with wills and finances when houses have been passed on by a deceased relative, this can sometimes require somebody to need to find out more about a property and its owners.

There are, of course, other reasons why you may need to contact the owner of a property, including: Development projects in the surrounding area, potential investment opportunities and more.

Or maybe, you want to know how to find out who owns a house because you’ve spotted an abandoned house that with a bit of TCL could be your dream home and you want to contact the owner to see if they would be willing to sell?

How do I prove that I am the owner of my property?

A simple search on the land registry will inform you about the owner of the house but is not the document that would stand up in court for more complex circumstances.

If you need to prove yourself as the owner of a property, perhaps for a court hearing or mortgage arrangement, you’ll need to request an official copy of your property’s record in the land register, otherwise known as title deeds. You would also ideally track down a copy of your land registry title deeds.

Quick Move Now will only purchase a home from the homeowner and would therefore need to see your name in the deeds before making an offer on your property.

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Published on 20th October 2017
Last updated on 31st August 2018

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