How to ensure a quick sale on your property

How to ensure a quick sale on your property

While some properties spend just a few days on the property ladder, others take weeks, months or even years to sell.

What’s more, the more time spent on the property ladder, the more likely it is for people to question why isn’t my house selling and gives the buyer more room for bargaining a deal since it suggests the property is attracting minimal interest.

Often, property owners are looking to sell house fast, particularly where they are involved in a property chain or relocating to another country.

Although the quickest way to sell a house tends to be with a cash house buyer, like Quick Move Now, here are some tips for getting your house ready sell that can speed up the process of selling your house in the open marketplace.

Things to do before putting your house on the market

Prepping your house for sale before you even put your property on the market is an essential part of the process when ensuring a quick sale on your property.

Here is a useful getting house ready to sell checklist:

Make sure your property has aesthetic appeal on the outside

You can ensure your property has exterior appeal by cleaning the windows, the window frames and the guttering, as well as tidying up the garden. It may add more curb appeal to your property to chop back any overgrown garden plants and shrubs, mow the lawn and ensure the garden isn’t completely littered with weeds.

Remove a few personal items

Of course, buyers expect to walk into somebody else’s home when looking to buy a house and are aware that somebody is already living there and have put their stamp on the property. However, it could be advantageous to the seller to give the house a more neutral and depersonalized look, that allows the buyer to imagine themselves and their own belongings in the house.

That is not to say that your home need appear like a show-home, but simply removing personal photos on the walls and changing patterned or brightly coloured walls or wallpaper to something more subtle, as well as removing excess clutter, could make the property look more spacious and help encourage buyers to invest.

Spring clean the property

Ensuring your property is clean and fresh will undoubtedly add more appeal to the buyer. Removing grime from tiles, dusting the window sills and skirting boards, cleaning the oven and the windows, as well as vacuuming the floors, and polishing the taps and mirrors will all help improve the appearance of your property and show that your home is well maintained and cared for. Here we have some top tips for the big spring clean which will help with the overall appearance of the property.

Perform any outstanding maintenance tasks

Making sure any leaking taps, loose fittings and fixtures, faulty light bulbs and cracks in walls and doors are fixed will provide a much better appearance to your property and help assure buyers that it is in tip top condition and well looked after.

Maximise the amount of light in the property

Many people are looking for a property that gains a considerable amount of natural light. Choosing brighter bulbs and taking down curtains can give a lighter look to your property, which adds a cleaner and lighter appeal, making your property appear spacious and bright.

What to do to sell your house

When you have completed your putting house on market checklist and ensured the points above are covered, you’ll no doubt hire an estate agent to market your property and arrange viewings.

The quickest way to sell a house once it starts being viewed by potential buyers is to make sure you are out of the house during viewings, keep the house clean and tidy, and make sure any odours, such as the smell of pets, cigarettes and cooking are eradicated.

Make sure you don’t settle

Even if you have your heart set on selling your home fast, make sure you don’t sell yourself short and agree to a much lower price on your property than it is worth.

Of course, a bit of negotiation on price is usually expected, but don’t make a decision in haste that you’ll later regret when it comes to selling your home fast.

Here at Quick Move Now We Buy Any House quickly regardless of decoration or maintenance.

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Published on 21st April 2017
Last updated on 7th August 2018


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